Monday, 9 January 2006


Well, if Ariel Sharon is going to deny me, then my attention must turn to Dick Cheney (pictured above with an erection) who was admitted to hospital with shortness of breath, no doubt due to the massive cracks appearing in the evil edifice he is part of.

Speaking of cracks appearing in the evil edifice, The Guardian have done a good piece on the sheer volume of political lobbying that goes on in Washington, it's opening paragraph is eye opening to say the least:

"America's monstrous system of commercial political lobbying has long needed to be cut down to size. In Washington, more than 35,000 professional lobbyists now spend at least $5bn every year trying to influence the votes of members of the US Congress. It is a system that the former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski has said makes Washington the most corrupt capital in the world."

Speaking of corruption, here is Tom DeLay's resignation letter and a picture of him with Bush.

And can someone please tell me why, last Friday, President Bush decided to flash a Texas football sign at the Economic Club of Chicago, a sign that also has satanic and heavy metal connotations?



  1. Are you sure that's a hard on? Yeah, I guess it is.

    Everyone I talk to lately has said they feel the changes coming. I've felt this for so long, it's both scary and comforting to know it's being felt by so many and not just me. Twice in the last week the phrase "Rome will fall" has been said to me.

    It's an odd time to have goals in life. Will we have time to see these goals come to fruition before Mother Nature makes her changes in the world? 'Cause it's gonna happen. I take comfort in this when I think of our drunk-with-power government. Nature's wrath won't discriminate.

    Until just last year, I feared the future my whole life. Whenever some new breakthrough in science was made, whenever some new thing was invented to make life more convenient, I experienced dread. I would think, this is not a good idea; it won't change what will happen.Fear of the future is a symptom of depression, or at least it's what I believed was the reason for it. Now, though, I see it all so clearly; my fear came from the utter lack of hope and the misunderstanding of capitalism and it's hold on people, like a spell.

  2. There is no doubt something big is cooking in the world right now. The signs are many, so often I see Americans Trapped still in the democrats vs. republican matrix. I used to ask myself is it really possible that so many Americans and ultimately the world don’t see what’s happening?

    But then I tell myself if the populations in an Empire ever embraced the early vision of this selected few that shows up in the history before the fall of any empire, then no empire would have ever fallen.
    Be to think of an empire falling is to think of mayhem and thousands (that was in the past) and millions (in the present) dieing…wishing you would live is not even a guaranteed good wish! It’s no time to plan for the future as Denise said. Improvise people! Improvise!

    Meanwhile, So sad it all comes down to this, goodbye and thanks for all the coke

  3. I would say that this indicates that George is a disciple of Satan, except that I think Satan has higher standards. So my guess is that Simple George is attempting a V for victory gesture that has gone horribly wrong. Further proof if it were needed that you can train a monkey to dodge the draft, but getting it to run a country is just plain dumb.

  4. I just heard on National Public Radio that Cheney was sick as a result of water retention from a medication he's been taking for some problem with is foot. He was prescribed something else and released. The cycle continues.

  5. A response you offensive coward:

    Cheney is a monster and you know it.

    I am not in a minority.

    I know I am funny, thanks.

    Bye coward!

  6. Who's the coward! You deleted my post! Yea, you are really funny. Pitiful, specimen.

  7. Child of ceased amazement, grow up please.

  8. You have missed the big story of the day Mr Dan: Golden Wonder has gone into receivership. Oh, the humanity!

    Oh yeah, Dick is a killer.


  9. Amazed anon fool:

    I didn't delete your post and you're still anon so that still makes you a coward, when all you do is come here and call names and present no counter arguement to the facts I lay on you.

    Go away now neo-con coward!

  10. Yeah, whenever Cheney springs a leak, they just cram it with Iraqi infant stem cells and it seems to patch him over for a couple months.

    The hardon pic is a fake, by the way. You can spot the seam a mile away, and everyone knows neocons have no cock or balls. That's why they need big, cock-shaped missiles and cock-shaped bombs to really fuck the people of the world.

  11. I think Bush was trying to tell his joke about the buffalo...

  12. Makes you love the Longhorns, doesn't it?


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