Saturday, 7 January 2006

He's Doing it to Spite Me

Well, Sharon is holding in there but naturally moves are being made to line up a successor, his stand in Ehud Olmert is just that and I doubt very much whether he'll take over. Word on the street is that Shimon Peres is being lined up as the senior figurehead to guide Israel through a period of re-orientation; he is an ex-Prime Minister and a well respected figure in Israeli politics.

My money is on Benjamin Netanyahu though, he is further to the right than even 'The Bulldozer' and has been making the kind of right-wing noise that the conservatives lap up. We shall see.

One thing is clear, the situation in the Middle East isn't going to get better quickly, a lot of the Jewish media seems to think that Sharon's death will lead to more attacks by Palestinians (the logic being his extreme political acts of cruelty frightened them into servitude) whilst the Palestinians wait to see if some of the reforms (I call them reforms, even though it makes me gag but that's how bad the human rights situation in Israel has got) that Sharon was pushing through will be rescinded.

Found a few blog things that I want to share with you because they are stimulating bits of writing, Cheeks has some interesting words on organised religion, the Col.Dr lays down a moving post on the mining tragedy in the US and on a lighter note, the caption competition Jessica won has a new picture.


  1. I can't imagine that Sharon's quality of life will be any good given the extensive bleeding in his brain. You might wish for him to die, but living as a vegetable is a kind of torture in and of itself. In any case, he definitely needs a replacement.

    It's strange to see the demise of Arafat and Sharon within a couple of years. Depressing that this conflict continues through yet another generation.

  2. I suppose there is some measure of comfort in hearing the names for Sharon's successors come from the recycle pile of Israeli political history. I'm surprised Golda Meir isn't on that list.

    And we're never allowed to forget, Netanyahu's brother died at Entebbe, and maybe we shouldn't.

    The lingering question is, do a people allow their (probably justified) paranoid history drive them to violate the sovereign rights of whomever gets in their way?

    Can we still assume Israel's primary intent is the establishment and protection of a Jewish state?

    Yes, these have probably been definitively answered for over thirty years, but its hard to completely turn my back on people who have been so fucked over in history.

    However, no sympathy or emotion at the rapidly-changing political landscape justifies the ongoing suppression of human rights and violations of International Law.

    I never thought I'd see the day Shimon Peres got an extra fifteen minutes...

  3. I wonder at times if the "Gordian Knot" of myth was not mid east politics



    oh sorry! wrong blog!


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