Thursday, 26 January 2006

I Spoke Too Soon


Today has been one of the worst for a long time, all of my own doing, no details, too humiliated and angry at my own foolishness and stupidity.


In efforts to distract myself from what a cunt I am, I found this over at Cheeks' blog. It's an article by the father of John Walker Lindh and it is as upsetting as it is informative, go read, go be disgusted and please go and do something, no matter how small, to change the world we're making.

It seems that the legendary Col.Dr is coming under personal attacks from conservative Canadians over at his gaff, he is more than capable of swatting them away like flies but if any of my readers can lend a hand in fending them off with well thought out arguments please go do so.

We have a new blog in the links, mirror up to nature, which is by actors for actors and I look forward to hanging out on there; it seems to be populated by Canadians, some of whom may be conservative but...

Time for me to become a better human.


  1. Well now that is a let-it-all-hang-out kinda pic! ;o)

    Try not to be too hard on yourself. I know that's pat, but remember that most of the gaffes we commit are things that pale in comparison to the rest of our lives. Eventually, that is...


  2. Fuck it eh, new day tomorrow?

  3. Don't beat yourself up mate! Shit happens!

  4. Hey you're a great human Guy!! Absolutely great!! :)

  5. Interesting dilemna. You're obviously in pain, but do I offer words of solace, or affirm fraternal kinship and wait for the experience to work through your mind and spirit, to ferment into artistic genius?

    Personal experience suggests that the unspoken humiliation and anger wants to be acknowledged, but not dispelled until it has properly brewed.

    So with that, I thank you for the mention and call for support, and hope this time fuels enlightenment, and enriches your craft.

  6. Nice picture.

    I didn't know all that about JWL. When the news broke about him I thought he was just some poor, confused kid like the kids who gunned down their classmates at Columbine. It's just proof that the media steers people toward a kind of bandwagon hate.

    I'm constantly in forward-thinking mode; I visualize a world where there is no capitalism, no microwaves, no luxury. I see a world where no time can be spent crying over the loss of running water or Sex and the City, because we are all too busy surviving and fighting for our lives.

    Why can't they see what they're doing? Why doesn't it matter to them? Whoever said that "money is the root to all evil" was on to something.

  7. Put a sock in your pants,
    trust me.
    lying is fine.
    once they realise its to late.
    sock. pants. trust me.

  8. Maybe this:

    and another Foster's will cheer you up!

  9. Thanks for steering me into Mirror up to Nature. I don't expect to comment, retired old farts don't really fit into the discussion, but it is a good read.

  10. I hope Denise doesn't mind terribly that I'm quoting her in a blog entry:

    I thought he was just some poor, confused kid like the kids who gunned down their classmates at Columbine.

    The insidious aspects of the propaganda war against Lindh have had such a lingering, but subtle, devastating effect against his human, and American civil rights, that he is widely--and ironically sympathetically--often compared to two cold-blooded murderers.

    CNN is murder!

  11. Wow...Do we really come across as Canadian and conservative? Hmm...just to help set the record straight, most of us are based out of Tennessee (one of us is actually based in NYC), but that doesn't necessarily make us conservative. I'll let the readers decide...

    Thanks for the link!


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