Monday, 2 January 2006

A Late Christmas Story

No, not the one about Christ but the one about my Grandma.

Marie and I got my Grandmother Trixie some strawberry and champagne jam with a fancy ceramic jam pot and spoon from the UK retailing legend that is Marks & Spencers.

Upon opening her gift she exclaimed how wonderful it was and that she would take it with her. When we asked where she would be taking it to (foolishly presuming she meant home), she told us that she would be taking it to heaven when she went.

Bless my Grandma and bless all old people, who when they reach a certain age constantly talk about death as if it is their best friend, rather than a dog with a beak that hovers over them until they are are stricken by terminal illness.

And as if they let jam into heaven...


  1. ;o) What a sweet post. It reminds me so much of my beloved grandparents. It's so very true: they start talking about death, almost as a way to either numb themselves or numb us to the inevitable. I think it's wonderful she knows you're getting married. Grandparents live for that sort of thing.

  2. I suppose that when people reach an elder age, most of them feel isolated, as most people they knew and grew up with are gone already.
    They have this resigned feeling that they will meet up with them in "heaven". My Grandmother went through the same thing... and she died in her 90's, talking every night to my Grandfather who had passed away first.
    I think it was sweet that she wanted to take your gift with her.

  3. Heaven is immeasurable reward. Of course they let you take your Marks & Spencers jam with you.

  4. My great great ancestors the Pharos used to take lots of stuff with them. Gold, statues, food, furniture, Honey jars for the eras leading retailers, etc… …

    My point is, don’t make fun out of your grandma Dan…she is looking 5000 years into the future of the UK. I can tell ya, the money from tourism to watch the old stuff is helping my country get by when everything else is not working :))

  5. assuming that god blesses america and so most likely employs the same strict carry-on checks at its Gate, i'd imagine that the allowance of jam would depend on its transparency.

    but the jam wasn't the thing you gave her that she was referring to, aww

    i was actually just thinking about being on my deathbed and came to the idea that the only way i could be strong would be to save loved ones from fear. particularly my little brother. so the more you show your grandmother you love her, maybe truly and practically the stronger you'll make her.

  6. Thanks for your out pouring of kindness chaps, I feel bad now and no, to my knowledge she is not ill Denise.

  7. Heaven is more a marmite place,jam is not welcome there!

  8. Breaking news:

    Jam is not allowed into heaven, a sign said food may only be bought from the inside store.

    fair, you can't take popcorn to the movies if you buy it outside!

  9. How do you know they don't let jam into heaven? It's her heaven, she can do what she wants with it! I hope you have a great new year! You an Marie deserve a break.


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