Friday, 27 January 2006

Punch Me Until I Work

I am like that toaster with the bad connection, hit me until I work.

You know when you get so sad that you get a bit hysterical and mental, like a comedy lost child in the supermarket, wondering if mum's on the tinned soup aisle and if you'll die here surrounded by funny food?

You know the one.

Sure you do.

Is it me or does my penis look big in that picture?


  1. Ahem....Yes, it looks decidedly large!! :)
    You won't be needing a penis enlargement.

  2. Punch me until I work

    There was a choice between the stick and the carrot and you chose the stick, that's in all your honor. Some people are too harsh in themselves anyway.

    In french litterature, after WW2, like the writings from Alain for example, who was in touch with the CIA, the french government made us beleive that "happiness only exists in work". On the other side of the mirror, in the US 75% of Americans are victims of violence at workplace: they get punched by other people.

    The etymology of "Work" in latin means "torture" and the latin word is "tribalum".

    ... etc
    May the "force" be with you.

  3. I think the politically correct term is well-endowed. Feel better yet? ;o)

    When I get tired or tipsy, I get cuddly and giggly. I've been know to laugh till I cry over virtually nothing at those times. And it's infectious!

    I can't imagine what must be disturbing you. You're so... blunt that I figured you'd had all that stuff sorted out by now. So, whatever you did must've been a doozy (by your standards).

    Just remember... "it's always darkest before the dawn", as my grandmother would have said.


  4. Blimy Dan i can't beleve we are discussing the size of your Lee J..
    I saw one once that was as big as a babys arm holding an apple, whose owner was so proud that he'd show anyone it! Scotsman he was,Kilt and all the kit!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Barnze, that wasn't a penis, it was a battering ram. Nothing to be proud of, I assure you... ;o)

  7. Hang in there. It's not good to beat yourself too much, or you get to like it.

  8. Battering just looks like a knob to me..and as for being proud out it,I have grown quite attatched to mine over the years!

  9. All this cock talk is making me feel a lot better.

    Col.Dr: spot on.

  10. You got some "bawls" :) LOL.

    Between the devil and the deep blue sea, we, blacksmiths, have the choice to hammer our cock on the anvril. It's a french humorous expression when they try to censore or even strangle their second head :)

    You should write articles between the 1st and the 2nd head.
    - First Brain: I told you not to go over there!
    - Second Brain: but but but my liege I don't have your eyes, I'm blind and I can easily fall in any holes.
    - First Brain: I told you to wear condoms!
    - Second Brain: but but it felt so good, it was love (or sex?) at the first sight, and i'm all sore now.
    - First Brain: look at you now, you got the clap and I have to support your moods again and again! Who do you think you are huh?

    Then the first brain fought against its second brain and decided to have some real negotiations in the bed at nitetime.


    See ya!

  11. C'mon, size doesn't matter! How hard you get and how long you can maintain that is waaaaay more important!


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