Monday, 16 January 2006

Spying is in Fashion

It's catching. Like a virus. The spying bug is traveling across the Atlantic. Inspired by Bush and his spying efforts, Blair has decided to try and spy on his own MPs.

Please read that again, a world leader wants to spy on his elected representatives. I feel like I'm living in some pissy backwater with a mad dictator whose second in command is a fat wolf.

This is trying to break the back of an agreement that has stood for 40 years and some how Blair is trying to justify that, in the "current climate of terror" (Trademark. All Rights Reserved), he needs to have powers to spy on MPs. Just in case they are Arabs of something...

And on that bombshell I'm going to learn a speech for an audition. Thanks again to Tim for the facts.


  1. And yet by making it public, he still has one up on Bush.

  2. It's hard to believe anybody would follow Bush's lead on anything. It's like copying in school from the dumb kid in your class.

  3. Greenpeace and Christopher Hitchens are involved in a lawsuit, challenging the right to listen to conversations, without warrant.

  4. Happened to Maggie (well she was never entirely sane, but definitely started howling at the moon after election win three) and now Tony is starting to think he's the military leader of a backwards African republic with no civil rights or electorate. Seriously, The yanks have it right. 2 terms max otherwise our leaders become become deranged power mad lunatics.

    Unless its just that he just wants to listen to George Galloway do more cat impressions.

  5. I also find it a bit worrying the Tony is naive enough to think that MI5 (a) would worry about breaking the law and (b) don't tap MP's phones.

    Of course they listen in Tony - they just don't tell you the truth all the time. (although I'm sure Iraq has got weapons of mass destruction.)

  6. We don't have it as right as we should... our Presidents seem to get power hungry in their second term, sometime right after the inaguration speech. They can't do it on first term, because they fear they'll never get elected to a second term. (Although Reagan might have been the exception to that.)

  7. Oh, yes, I heard the Galloway purr clip on NPR this afternoon. This man is in office somewhere? Not that you shouldn't be allowed to, well, do whatever they were doing on the show, but a U.S. government official wouldn't have the stones to show themselves as that much outside the box.

  8. Mmmmm. Big Brother is hot. I am personally looking forward to Soylent Green as well. Yummy.


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