Tuesday, 31 January 2006

War On Terror (The Boardgame)

(Sub-titles in brackets is very in vogue right now...)

I piss you not, a wonderful bunch of chaps and lady chaps have invented War On Terror, the boardgame and are looking for people to register their interest for pre-orders (you don't have to give any bank details) so they have some data to take to funders to get the boardgame made in massive quantities and sold around the globe. Brilliant!

So what are you waiting for? Register your name and say you'd buy it for £30 including postage and packing and make gaming history. When I get mine I'll invite you round and get you all to play.

Please note, people without a sense of humour on matters of terror please do not bombard them with hatemail.


  1. I looked over the game, it's interesting and very tongue-in-cheek. It might be worth looking over! Never heard of it before...

  2. i hate it when someone comes up with a belting idea before me...I got ripped off with the mobile phone idea a few years back!!!

  3. i want a Missionaries of Fucking and Fighting Boardgame! Sign me up for that! The kids would LOVE it!


  4. I'd be careful of orders in envelopes filled with power.

  5. With the attack on the Canadian diplomatic convoy in Baghdad, Canadians again became the second-most common target of Bush's State-sponsored, HMVEE-driving professional terrorists.

    I think the war against the real terrorists should be stepped up, and maybe they'll finally go home to Boise and leave our fucking ambassadors alone.


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