Wednesday, 15 February 2006


You may recall that I mentioned a lovely thing called BlogCode?

You know, that wonderful website that enables you to find other bloggers like you and saves you time trolling blogrolls and other such nonsense?

This is a shout out to all my readers to not only review my blog here but to also enter their own into the BlogCode service and thus increase traffic and general happiness. If you do enter your own blog (and why not, you've nothing to lose?) leave me a comment and I'll go and review it.



  1. I registered and checked out the site. Cool.
    I coded your blog before I registered so it is not in my "blogs I coded list". I would recomend that others register before coding any blogs. Does that make sense? I am doing this while entertaining a 2 yr.old...

  2. I agree a very nice ass.i too had a go at the code thing...Just waiting and seeing!

  3. I took a stab at coding you, but I couldn't bring myself to reply to your former post. Underwear girl was too intimidating.

  4. according to my gist of your site, it topped out at a 78% match with this site:

    i browsed it quickly. not such similar types of posts, but similar in topic at times, and shit if the format isn't strikingly familiar!

  5. this is funny. i found that john van der put's site very interesting when you mentioned it a little while back. i've checked in there randomly since, making it one of the 5 blogs i ever check, basically. to get to the point, i rated a friend's expired blog in a fashion that would match me to my ideal blog to read and van der put's showed up in my top 15 or so, just 3% less than my best match. i don't know how many blogs are actually on blogcode yet, but it seemed overly coincidental.

    anyway, peace


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