Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Gladiator Games

Re-writing a play is a time consuming business.

Hence the lack of blogging.

Still have much to do so forgive me for being brief and not talking about people setting fire to buildings due to really bad cartoons.

Apart from writing plays I went to see one that moved me and angered me in equal measure, read the story of Zahid Mubarek here.

I wonder if Zahid ever thought that a play would be written about his death? I suppose my best mate Michael would think the same, could he ever have thought that our friendship would become words to be spoken by actors?


Speaking of weird, my favourite caption competition is seeking fresh entries, so go do what you have to...

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  1. It happens all the time. C'mon, are we really that naive to believe our social "betters" have actually progressed beyond the egalitarian trappings they dazzled us with for the first 30 post-war years?



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