Sunday, 26 February 2006

"I Can't Leave Victor Behind"

Those were the words of my good friends Mike Thomas, who, along with myself and the good lady Marie, went to see my acting buddy Trevor White in his one man show (playing the aforementioned Victor) House at the Finborough Theatre. I have to agree with Mike utterly...

Fucking hell it was good and I mean really fucking good.

As a veteran of one man shows I have some understanding of the crushing pressure, total commitment and utter consumption that is involved in putting yourself out there for the audience to inspect. But I only did it for 35 mins and Trev is Victor for a whole 80 damn minutes. Not once did he flag, not once did he lose us and not once did he relent in giving the very best he could and I hope we made him feel loved up there; that he could take a flight with us and enjoy Victor for one last time. Even if Victor did try and set fire to my hair...

I could go on for ages about Trevor's performance but I don't have time for that story...The attention to detail and physical commitment were outstanding, a real lesson to Marie and I as actors; it felt as if Trevor via Victor was consumed by thousands of ticks and bursts of expression; exposing and concealing simultaneously the depth of the character.

Mr Trevor White, I salute you!

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  1. It's always pretty cool when actors publicly admire and respect the work of other actors,

    I hope he reads this.


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