Saturday, 11 February 2006

If It All Goes Wrong, Blame Me

Well punch me in the arm and call me Billy.

I was making a casual check on the level of unique visitors I've had of late and my jaw hit the flaw when today I discovered some 304 people has been coming to see me. I usually get around 50 unique readers a day.

Any guesses why?

Such attention is welcome if it helps put the current events into better perspective but I'm still seeing too much knee jerk bigotry in the blog world, too many lazy ideas that Islam=Terror and that they should get over it and that Christians, Sikhs, Hindu and Jews never behave in such a way.

Which is such a fucking lie. This is all tied in to terrible racial stereotyping, that is only a hop skip and jump away from the view of Jews as hook nosed hoarders of wealth and power.

It's important that we don't let Muslim people be marginalised and de-humanised as aggressive, retrograde fundamentalists; for this will make their persecution all the easier.

I'll leave you with a letter to the American left.



  1. I will frankly admit that I can't be bothered to read the letter to the American left. I hope it's giving 'em a kick in the fanny, though. Our entire political machine has ground to a halt right now. I'd like to give a kick to the right's butt, too, while we're at it...

    Anyway, I agree that one must be careful to not racially stereotype.

    However, the added problem is that with some cultures there is so much which is influenced by religious dogma that it is very hard to criticize the dogma and not be seen as criticizing the people.

  2. Great post, Daniel (although I didn't care much for the letter). People forget that on 5% of Islam is radical and that most Muslims I know want peace. Unfortately, as is always the case, it is the extremists who are the loudest, and easiest heard. And while the dangers from certain Islamic regimes may be the greatest threat in the world today, I hope that most people recognize that this is not the nature of the entire nations in question.

  3. Of course it's a lie. This is where my "religion is evil" philosophy comes from. Attrocities have been committed in the name of religion fo rthousands of years, and yet many want to pretend they're peaceful people. No one's perfect, especially not God. I think it's pretty clear that the American left hasn;t done ver much. If it had been doing anythign at all, we'd be in a much better position. No wonder some of us are sinking into a feeling of hopelessness.

  4. Jesus Christ, Daniel, you've got it all wrong.

    It's not just Muslims who are being marginalised. The New Right is marginalising everyone, and Muslims just have the bad luck to be the old kingdoms' traditional enemies.

    Why do you think all them big-budget films came out about King Arthur and knights played by gay cowboys? Everyone's supposed to yearn for the days when they were owned by the unqualified oligarchy, and we've all been taken out of the middle class and put back in the field.

    Yes, antiSemitism is rampant, but curiously, it's usually the self-loathing Israelis who can be found closest to the root of that problem. Have we forgotten the role of the Burgher Jews in the Third Reich?

    Let's face it, if we let them continue to smash the bastions of worker-peasant control over society, Iraq and Iran will turn out to be the "Spanish Civil War" of a future World War, except this time, our nations are the Nazis.

    Let's also remember that Ghandi insisted there was nothing peaceful about passive resistance. The violent spirit which is determined enough to lay down in front of its enemies' bullets is truly the most powerful speaker of human purpose.

    People of the world, Unite!

    Hasta la Victoria siempre!



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