Wednesday, 8 February 2006

A Little Bit of Arson Never Hurt Anyone...

But it doesn't help you write a play.

Trust me. I've set fire to enough buildings and people (is it possible to commit arson with a human?Perhaps a dead human? Answers in the comments please) in my time to know that it does little for your editing skills.

The music of Matson Jones (who I stole the post title from) however, is helping me a lot, it's a heady, urgent mix of cellos, bass and drums making new wave, punk rock. Unlikely I know but try it.

Here is the proof that I'm not making all these playwriting stuff up, the actual flyers in web form...

I'm on the 21st if you haven't already noticed.

I'm so proud.

Time for bed.


  1. Daniel, it happens to the best of us. WHy don't u take a walk through the park with Marie, just let you mind be blank for a while, or even better still, catch a re-run of the fantastic Inspector Morse series...

    I cannot in anyway compare play-writing to writing a journal, which I have been doing since 1988 (chronicling my life as a kid, teenager, rebel uni student, etc...).

    I can tell you for real that soometimes I don't feel like making an entry, but once I get writing goes into free writing...and seeing words on the page just inspires me to keep on writing...

    I'm strange that way:-)

    chin up!!! you WILL get there...

  2. You have arrived.

    Arson is defined as the deliberate act of causing a fire with malicious intent. So, obviously, torching someone could carry an arson charge in amongst the whole attempted murder and grievous assault thing...

  3. whoops:-( that post must have gone OVER your head...I mis-read, assuming you had writer's block:-( sorry.

    as for committing arson with a dead human, isn't that a physical improbablility?:-S

  4. It's the week before spring break. We were looking into coming out for it. You should be proud!

  5. I think it's defiling a corpse, not arson... dunno. Personally, I've never understood why there are penalties for doing anything with a corpse. The corpse isn't objecting, is it? And the entity inside checked out lonnnnng ago.

  6. Ooooh ... so it's a play READING. Mightily impressive.

  7. Are you being sarcastic?

    If so, fuck off!

    If not, *meh*.

  8. Congrats on your play!

    Burning a human -- a funeral pyre?

    "Come on baby, light my fire..."

  9. I tried to set fire to my local church when I was 10. But I soon realised that you can't get bricks to burn with just a flint lighter...

  10. I used to build little bonfires in the woods in the vacant lot on our block... does that count?

    Congrats on the play... I never doubted you for a second!!


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