Thursday, 16 February 2006

New Abu Ghraib Photos

Oh God.

Here we go again, more photos, more violence, more de-humanising, more cruelty and more torture.

I have very little to say, except to let the images do all the talking and just remind yourself why we are there and what we are trying to achieve and what makes men and women do these things to others and what these images will do to feed the righteous sense of injustice in Iraq and the Arab world.

Like conquering hunters we pose with our bloodied and feces-smeared prey and gloat at their weakness and rejoice in our victory!


  1. Good grief. Those poor guys. It beggars belief that we can be so cut off from ourselves and from others. What are we capable of? What drives this kind of madness? What is the point in such actions?
    I looked at these pictures with the same shock and revulsion that we all will. And unfortunately we've all seen them before. Time and time again. Rwanda, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, Vietnam.....And on. I have to cling to the words of the big fella. 'You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops in the ocean are dirty, the whole ocean does not become dirty' Right now the US army looks pretty fucking filthy to me.

  2. I work with a number of US Army vets, some of whom have been to Iraq. They are universally and profoundly disgusted by this. The level of outrage that I see in these men is amazing. This isn't what the typical soldier dreams up, this is what a few who lack the intelligence to question their orders do when they're ordered by higher ups. Then they get hung out to dry. Disgusting. Wendo is right, too, it does make the Army look bad, but then the Army is just one more scapegoat for the incompetence and inhumane administration we have here.

  3. The disgusting thing about these is, the timing of their release is part of "limited holdout" propaganda. Instead of owning up to their war crimes, the Admin has gone into damage control.

    And where are the Lyndie England fuck pics?


    We demand the Lyndie England fuck pics. We won't be able to leave the horrors of Abu Gharib behind until we see graphic penetration and money shots.

    Civilisation? WTF?


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