Monday, 13 February 2006

Our Style is Legendary: Casting

I wish casting was this exciting and sexy. Having said that it is very exciting and a little bit sexy but not as sexy as that.

Much of last week and the start of this, has been dedicated to trying to find the actors to play the parts in the performance of Our Style is Legendary at the Tristan Bastes theatre on the 21st of February.

You'll be glad to know that we have Danny, Michael and Stone (just click on the links to see the actors) but are still missing The Swinging Man, so it may be that this twat has to do it...

I had to write the bit that'll go in the program today and I was typing away and thinking about what the play meant and I had to stop and have a little cry, it still makes me sad to think about those boys that became men and those of us that didn't make it.

I also have an alert for all my fellow bloggers, a great new website called BlogCode. It's a wonderful resource for bloggers, basically it enables you to find blogs like yours and expand your blog circle in an easy and efficient manner; as well as promote your own blog and attract new readers. So hop along when you've time and input your own blog and then rate other blogs, for instance (hint, hint) mine.

Got an audition tomorrow in Leeds so have to be up at the crack of dawn and also it's Valentine's Day so I'll be busy romancing the lovely Marie so bloggage may be light.



  1. Excellent choices for the play...I can just imagine them all in their respective roles and uttering their words! Well chosen. Oh it's all a bit exciting ...Can this play PLEASE be brought to the Midlands?
    Enjoy the Valentine shenanigans! ;)

  2. Happy V and Lupercalia Day, Daniel! I dunno, it looks like a casting couch to me...

  3. Twat indeed. At least your Rama pic doesn't have some asshole's fumbly claw trying to push your magic button.

    Rama is the name of the Mjinkaning First Nations' reserve across the lake from my city. Interesting coincidence.

    Good luck in Leeds, and may your Valentine's Day efforts pay off at least as well as your opening pic.

  4. Thx for the BlogCode ref. You've been coded.


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