Thursday, 2 February 2006

Your Moral High Ground is Made From Quicksand (and the Blood of Dead Children)

The moral high ground is so subjective. What's yours made of?

Some people spend a life time trying to regain it from people who've stolen it off of them (the accurate term might be knocked them off the moral highground), how an earth it can be taken off you in the first place, when you decide its content?

Even politicians have been known to fight over this mystical moral high ground, not wanting to languish at the foot of the mountain where all the immoral people are, trying to get to the top, trying to get a foothold.

Before I go on can you please make sure you're wearing your tin foil hat...

Is it on? Good, let's continue...

Daily Kos have an excellent list of 20 reasons to question the official story of 9/11 and I urge you to read them, all backed up with links to news stories and let us remember that it was 11/9 (please note correct formatting of date) that got us all into this mess called the War on Terror.

You'll all be glad to know that Blair's 12 point plan to combat terrorism now lies in tatters, it makes me feel a lot safer to be honest and finally a lovely video reminder that anyone can be the President of the United States, no matter how serious the learning disability...


  1. I am going to read the Daily Kos post, but first I want to mention something, besides the fact that I'm a little drunk...

    As you may know, I'm against animal suffering, even if it means testing on humans.

    The other night, someone patronized the restaurant I work at; someone who, after some research, apparently is not only an oil hier (sp?) but also the owner of a pharmaceutical company. This was a man with issues; if you want more details, email me. He left the server $5.00 on an $170.00 check after being pretty demanding and exhibiting some paranoid behavior. From what I hear, the man was no older than 28.

    We can all deal with the tip; it happens occasionally, but not often enough to dwell on it. However, I found myself thinking that, when the shit hits the fan, this man will be pretty ticked off tho realize that all his money and status won't help him.

    Then I thought, Maybe this man and all the researchers and scientists who torture animals will come back as animals used for research. This almost stopped me in my tracks.

    I have always feared the future, as I have mentioned; now, though, it's clear that I'm not alone. It's not going to be pretty.

    I am the host for nature's message. This is why I am here. And you and I can fight side by side in spite of the distance between our countries.



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  3. Sorry; I commented twice by accident, hence the deleted comment.

  4. The video of Bush makes Dan Quayle look good. It doesn't surprise me why we are a laughable nation because of our leaders.

  5. Hi. Nice accompanying images. I found your blog after reading the terribly frustrating "debate" over at Renegade Eye's blog. I feel for you there.

  6. My personal view, from on high, is that anyone who claims the moral high ground is lying down in the gutter.

    Appeals to more "down to earth" benefits are more compelling to me.

    Claims to morality are to easily undone and temporary to be credible.

    In the words of Mr Oscar Wilde (the bass player)

    "Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people we personally dislike."



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