Wednesday, 15 March 2006

7th Wonder and How Empty is Wyoming?

Do you remember me mentioning Stacey who helped make Post Modern Learning Difficulties all the easier to tolerate with her sense of humour?

Well it turns out she is a turn, that doesn’t me she has fits otherwise I’d have said she was epileptic but rather she is creative and sings in a band. This is her, this is the band’s website and you’ll be glad to know it features the legendary Chris Socrates, who not only looks like a man shaped ball of total guitar fun but also has a really cool name.

And then we skip, seamlessly, to the fact that the state of Wyoming is the most sparsely populated of all the American states, even less people than Alaska and Hawaii. I found this out digging around wikipedia and reading more facts than you can shake a stick at. Wyoming is also the state of residence of the vice-chief thief Dick Cheney; I imagine because it always votes Republican, is very white and very Christian and also has alcoholic beverage controls in place.

I think it could be one of the worst places in the world that I could live and if any Wyoming residents wish to pop by and prove me wrong I’d be very happy. In fact, I may go and hunt out some Wyoming bloggers and poke them with the spite stick (which is not slang for my penis).


  1. I agree -- seamless transition.

    Oh, and I've driven through Wyoming and you're right. There's not much to see.

    Sounds like you're having fun these days. That's great.

  2. My Californian father-in-law lives in Wyoming. He and his wife claim say the state needs them as token liberals. And James Galvin lives there--scary though he looks, he writes good stuff like this:

    "The way people watch television while they eat--looking up to the TV and down to take a bite and back up--that's how Lyle watches the meadow out the south window while he eats his breakfast. He's hooked on the plot, doesn't want to miss anything. He looks out over the rim of his cup as he sips."

    Watching endless grass wave in the constant Wyoming wind, an antelope peeking up here, the thunderstorm approaching from dozens of miles away, it's mesmerizing in its own way.

  3. The sunrises are more expressive than many states I can think of.

    While it was going through the process of gaining statehood, the leading cause of death among males age 14-35 was hanging. Maybe that's why it's so thinly populated now.

  4. No sireeeeeee. You are absolutely right Mr. Hoffman-Gill, stay home. This is a place you should never visit. We carry BIG sticks for poking (which is not slang for our penis).

  5. just miserable in wyoming: it's 2 n's at the end of Hoffmann and my stick is bigger than yours.

  6. Thanks for sharing Stacey w/ us! And not your spite stick! ;o)

  7. just miserable in wyomingFriday, 17 March 2006 at 01:01:00 GMT

    "and my stick is bigger than yours."

    Well then by all means come on over and let's compare sticks (which is not slang for penis). But really this is a miserable place to visit no matter how big your stick.

  8. Wyoming is big sky country.

    Which just means there's not much interesting to look at on the land.

    Although I was able to see the Aurora Borealis with my naked eye one summer night in Wyoming. Now THAT'S big sky.

    Cool, but not enough to justify living there.


  9. That's a terrible picture of James Galvin. In real life, he is the sexiest poet on earth.

    I'm one of Wyoming's token liberals, and I love it here. I'm glad so many people think it's hell on earth, because what I love about it is that it IS so sparsely populated.

  10. Kind of glad I didn't read this before I answered your questions, but there you go.

    I would hazard a guess that my impression of parts of the UK is much more inaccurate than the impression you got of Wyoming. I think it's due to the fact that you can't really get a picture of what a thing is like until you've been there and experienced it for yourself.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you about the reasons we like (or dislike) the state.


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