Wednesday, 29 March 2006

The Big Adventure is On!

You may recall me talking about a new show that I was really hoping to be cast in and the good news is…I have the part!

It’s a rather unique project, myself and the other actor (Mark Whiteley) will be walking across Britain, from Bangor to Boston, stopping off and performing en route at a variety of venues; the play will be more of an intriguing cross breed between story telling, stand-up comedy and theatre and promises to be a once in a lifetime experience. It seems to have captured the interest of the BBC who are making a documentary of our big adventure, which will be a nice opportunity for my career and some priceless TV coverage. More facts are available here.

The total journey is some 200+ miles so I need to get fit, with this in mind I walked 9 miles on Sunday, from Kings Cross Station to Snaresbrook Station. I came out quite unscathed…apart from a sore back, a painful right knee and a tender left ankle.

Do I look worried?


  1. I read about this somewhere...And I don't think it was here. I'm doing a quick scan of your previous posts and don't see it. You're going to be a bard, right? I may have heard it on NPR...

    Way cool either way! This is wonderful! Take care of your feet.


  2. Wow! This sounds fantastic! Make sure you have some solid walking boots and blister plasters!!
    Great stuff - look forward to reading more.

  3. one more time,


    i just woke up. Yawn.

  4. Dude this project rocks, I hope to catch up with you in Notts.

    Don't let me catch you on a scooter or other such device... walk all the way bro.

  5. Congrats!!! Keep us posted. Isn't it wonderful to be an actor, and get a fresh chance and a new project on a regular basis? I am envious.

    BTW, I still can't get over how much you look like our local (tri-state) radio personality known as MJ or Todd Schnitt (his real name).

    Here's the Schnitt Show site, and here's his Morning Show.

  6. P.S. Todd has put on a little weight, but the pics he has up aren't the most flattering ones. Let me tell you, though (I know him personally) you two do look alike!

  7. Walking across Britain? That's so fucking cool! I want to see it!

    My advice, which you may of course choose to ignore, is this; to get fit, don't drive anywhere. I don't you own a car now?

    Eat less, and when you do, eat fruits & veggies.
    Two fruits and two veggies per day will give you all you need for all that walking. And water, of course.

    Just my 2 cents....have fun!

  8. Lemme straiten youse up on sum things first.

    Bangor? Boston? They're in a place we Americans call New England. We never heard of this "Britain" place you and those other smart people on your blag keep talkin' about.

    And maybe Bangor is about 200 miles from Boston, but we invented them, just like the telephone, screw propellor, and Internet, and never stole them from them smartass Canadians, wherever they're from.

    We also invented the car, so you walking across this mythical "Britain" seems a waste of time, especially since you might get lost and wind up at the Mercedes museum where they tell you all kinds of nonsense about that.

    In the beginning, God made America. Now get out of our way, or we'll kill your wife and kids, pollute your nation, destroy your economy, and gradually realise we can't fight you and take seven years to turn tail and run home.

    God shed his grace on ye.

  9. You know, all that walking for the show will whip your arse into shape, anyway.

  10. And I thought walking in the Peak District is Hard Graft!! Sounds great Dan. Reckon I'll pay a visit to the Nottm show! ;)

  11. Actually, a brit named Donald Davies invented packet switching for data.

    Good on ya, Daniel. If the pain in your knee is on the outside it is most likely your Illiotibial band rubbing against a bone in your knee. Not much you can do about it once it starts other than stopping. But if you stretch it out well before you walk and every time you stop you can stay ahead of it. You should make sure you are not hiking in shoes the have excessive heal wear.

    I wish I could be in the UK to see your show.

  12. BP: I will do my best to look after my feets.

    Doogie: I never cheat! Walking every step and make sure you come see us in Notts.

    Denise: thanks for the advice and yes, I'll be far fitter and slimmer when I get back.

    Col.Dr: thanks for putting me straight.

    Sara: come and see us in Notts!

    Cranky: practical and sound advice from a very wise man, it will be so.

  13. Congatulations. Nothing like some good walking. Sounds fun.

  14. Great news Dan..Maybe we shall meet again? Sooner you than me doing all that walking though!

  15. Of course, if it all goes well it will be a crap documentary. So I wish you flood, plague & goreing by bulls. Try to pass near Telford & I will attempt to organise yobs with stones. Or fat ugly birds who can't resist an actor. Anything to help.


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