Friday, 10 March 2006

The Gift of Sight

For Marie's birthday last year I decided to try and get her a few original gifts, to really remember the special day and one of them was the gift of sight.

Basically, in Marie's name, I paid for operations that restored people's sight so that they could see again. I thought it would be a good way to celebrate Marie's life with the celebration of someone else's.

The company who organise it, Good Gifts, emailed me with pictures of the people who benefited from the funding and here they are in all in their glory...



Hassan (and his mum)

We can always do something can't we? We can always do something to help our fellow human?



  1. I am very proud of you, and you are proud of you too (with good reason!). Marie is a lucky girl. This is a much better present than any *I* could think of. Although jewelry's nice too, don't get me wrong... ;o)

  2. ...and I see these kids and think how much I would love to adopt one. But I had friends who adopted an infant from India and WOW did they jump through hoops. Sad.

  3. Bless you and Marie. You are truly a worthy man.


  4. Great idea Daniel!

    For Xmas this year, Cranky's brother donated a llama to a needy family in our name through Heifer International ( An interesting fact noted on our card:

    Each gift multiplies because every family that receives a Heifer animal promises to "pass on the gift" by giving one or more of their animal's offspring and knowledge to another family in need.

    What a cool gift!

  5. or indeed and Animal. I'm about to adopt an African elephant. The money goes to keeping the poachers away, and providing a safe, healthy environment for the magnificent creatures.

  6. And I thought the Ladies just wanted some chocolates, champers, jewelry, perfume, clothes, underwear and good lovin.

  7. That's quite a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Indeed we can Dan. What a lovely gift! As Mr Franti says, we have to 'Stay Human'. Nice one Dan.

  9. Why's Lawrence got a dummy in his eye!?


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