Monday, 6 March 2006

Harlow Blues

Today I was introduced to the joys of Harlow, when I say joys I am of course being a sarcastic twat, as Harlow resembles an architectural epileptic fit.

Neo-modernist concrete, squat, dwarves belch out into the Essex skyline, totally self-conscious community murals are in visual conflict with public art so hideous it is perhaps a war crime and metal talons claw with rusty pettiness against the ever present shopping centre that sits, like a massive bastard, right in the middle of this car crash.

Luckily the people there are nice, although they have every right to be shits, as they are oppressed by the evil structures that loom over them and jut into their views at every given opportunity. If architecture could breed terrible people, this is the stuff to do it and it cheers me that the folks of Harlow has refused to be corrupted by the madness around them.



  1. Tactical aesthetics are a new psycological tool in our ever-increasing arsenal of ways to fuck up our own people.

    In fact, the Hitler/Speer vision for the New Berlin was an exact copy of Harlow, and vice-versa. The idea that the Nazis wanted to recreate civilisation's greatest buildings and history is balderdash, invented by post-war fascist sympathisers.

    Ugly buildings have a therapeutic function. People either commit suicide over the bad vibes they leave, or overcome the evil by transmorgifying into Nazi superhuman citizens, ready to look at any old thing.

    From their ugly girlfriends to their ugly pets, I imagine the uncanny friendliness of the locals can be attributed to the architecture, in much the same way naturally-occuring lithium deposits in the water poison the population, but leave them feeling calm and balanced.

    Heil Harlow, with its progressive ability to functionally traumatise its people, and prepare them for inner peace in an ugly, ugly world.

  2. I went to the harlow site. They sure are trying to keep the visitor from viewing any of it, aren't they?


  3. Beautifully written! Harlow sounds like most of Florida, truthfully. :P

  4. Been there once in '98. Still get flashbacks....

  5. Why is your latest post gone? Are you self-censoring?

  6. Do you have laws against visual pollution Harlow.

  7. Jess: it is back, God knows what happened there.

  8. Harlows not so bad.
    Trust me, I live in Telford.


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