Thursday, 2 March 2006

He Beats Me But...

In a state of flux at the moment, that means I'm bored as hell so I've been searching the web for some new blogs to get into and I have added a few classics to my Links of Note but then I stumbled upon this blog, which is seemingly written by someone who is married to an abusive partner.

I say seemingly because who knows what games people play, protected by the mask of the www, suppose part of me hopes it isn't real but I have a nasty feeling it is and it makes for car crash reading: I know I shouldn't but I'm staring anyway.


  1. Hmm read some of it. Shit let's hope she sees the light and gets out of that one, el quicko! I see so many women excusing, or tolerating their partner's violent behaviour. If it's all true I really feel for that woman - Maybe I should leave a comment urging her to get in touch with Women's Aid?

  2. I feel bad for that woman. I read only a little bit but enough to figure out that she has 2 daughters from a previous relationship and a baby with this shithead who beats her. I'm concerned about her but even more for the children.

    I feel like I need to say something to her....

  3. I can't bring myself to click the link. I once saw a man smack his wife in a pickup in front of me as we sat at a red light. I still regret not getting out of the car and at least trying to help. Messy stuff.

  4. I did click it but couldn't read much. Yikes. I saw something similar to what Jessica saw once. A couple on the side of the road. He hit her a few times and I pulled over to get my own ass kicked. Fortunately four other drivers did the same thing. The woman hopped into someone else's car and the guy ran off into the woods. I hope she stayed away from him.

  5. Yeah i bet she loves him....I ain't reading it but i think i know the story!

  6. I read a bit of it. Was a bit difficult. To be honest, I'd like to think that her mindset was too far from mine to understand, but I don't really know what it would be like to be in a similar situation.

    I don't think anyone would until you were there.

  7. I can only take so much of it on anyones blog..if your that bad off, I can't watch you sink into the depths of hell. IF she's smart enough to blog, she should be smart enough to figure out what she needs to do and access the means to do it, there are far too many options offering help to women in that position.

    Some people wallow in their self pity inspite of other people's best intentions to help them. Some people love the drama..the angst.

    Been there, done that. So I feel I can say what I just did. I was also a single parent at the time.

    People can find ways to rationalize the strangest things..seriously, the mind is amazing.

  8. Thank you for the picture, well at least I'm guessing it was put there for me, in a roundabout way.

    I have saved it anyway - it does give me a bit of hope.

    Again Thank You, thats all I can say.

  9. Sparrow: thanks for stopping by, your blog certainyl drew a response, I'll pop by often.


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