Wednesday, 8 March 2006

I Missed My Own One Year Anniversary

I have been so distracted by the joys of Harlow, Lauren Phoenix and domestic violence that I missed the fact that I've been blogging for a whole damn year.


This is how it all began and it got a bit better here and reached a hits peak here; although I reckon I'm most proud of my post on the American Empire.

And then to spoil it all, Tim highlights possibly the greatest infringement so far into British civil liberties. Here is his post on the matter and I urge you to read it and get informed but in a nutshell:

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill gives ministers the power to amend any laws they like without the burden of parliamentary approval.

Read that again UK people because ministers will be empowered to amend any and every sort of law from habeas corpus to what they are going to put on your ID card.

And we laughed at Americans for swallowing the Patriot Act...


  1. I can't wait to get an ID card. As I don't drive and have no licence, it'll certainly help me cut the crap at the bank when I need to open a new account or deal with an existing query, instead of taking my birth certificate, passport and recent utility bills. I'll just have one card to do it for me. Whoo-hooo!

    File under Bird Flu, I am afraid.

  2. Good gravy! The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill sounds like a disaster. How can bills like this, and the Patriot Act, get passed??? What is happening to democracy?

  3. First to address Saur's question: Democracy died in 1991. Technically, it died in 1923, but we have to pretend Stalin wasn't a Western plant, and that he really thought Britain, France and America would eventually play ball.

    Khruschev certainly believed this, and his actions prove his generally-peaceful intent. Most of his memoir recollections can be proven through "official" Western histories--which are not taught in any academic institution. Truths which can be mined, so to speak.

    ID cards will benefit us ultimately. See, after the mind-rays the subdermal radio transmitters will amplify take away our ability to think or remember, we'll need something which easily identifies us during tax season.

    As for nazi fascist weirdo control freaks taking over, the plain fact is, just as the Allies screamed to high heaven that the German people were responsible for not stopping Hitler in his tracks, so are our citizenries guilty of allowing things to become so out of hand.

    ANY deviation from self-blame is to recognise that imperialist forces have overtaken our precious systems of representation, and require armed resistance, ala the Civil War (please, no Puritans this time), the American Revolution, and our own Upper Canada Rebellion.

    Of course, in anticipation of armed insurrection, co-hosting a phony "war on terrorism" would be handy for suspending common human rights, so we're probably already pooched.

    To, to readdress Saur: let's stop living in the past, and heil our glorious nimrod leaders for destroying humanity's last chance.

  4. Oh, and congrats Daniel on your "wunnie".

  5. Since Civil servants largly ignore parliment & run the country how they want, (uranium to Israel) does it matter?

    Obviously the country is better off run by upper class public school tossers than by morons elected by idiots. So lets Make the civil service hereditary and be rid of parliment, saving vast amounts of tax payers money & freeing up a wonderful building as quality warehouse space.


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