Tuesday, 14 March 2006

If Ever I Thy Face by Daylight See

The dirth of posts is down to taking part in an excellent workshop on Shakespeare over the weekend, the aforementioned workshop is also responsible for the wrecked state of my knees, the aches spreading across my frame and meeting a girl named Barrett.

The workshop was centred on liasing with movement directors, as well as a conventional director and developing two small scenes for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

It was as exhilarating as it was exhausting, a real joy to work with a physical focus on classical text and it’s always nice to work with new actors and new people and forge new relationships; never mind learning new techniques and methods to beat the ever elusive barriers we all carry. It always strikes me how, as an actor, you throw yourself into very intimate situations at a moment’s notice and on only the briefest of introductions. When I think about what I’ve got up to over the last few days, the mind boggles; it’s like reaching a level of intimacy that usually takes years without any of the investment. It shows you how much artifice we use in our interactions with others, how many barriers we bring.

Needless to say, I made some new friends and sank a few pints of beer and a special mention has to go out to a girl called Barrett (real name Amanda) from North Carolina; who spent most of the night helping me with my southern American states accent.

It is now quite good.


  1. Hi Daniel, thanx for your e-mails with info on London. I just had a closer look at your weblog. Very interesting. Guess what? I have worked with one of your favorite guys, namely, Augusto Boal. I think I wrote you that I am a theater director. Maybe we can meet when I am in London. Let's keep in touch. Check this out: http://goossun.com/g/ it's my gallery with lots of pix from different performances I have made during couple of last years. Cheers, Vahid

  2. Hey Daniel - Wondered if you made it out to see the text projects. If you did, you would have witnessed the splendor of my Sheffield accent - when quizzed about where audience members thought I was from, they said "Hmm... somewhere up north?" which is the best a Canadian boy can hope for. Now we wait today to see if my festival project(s) are going to get through.

    The workshop sounds really good - who was putting it on?

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for your comments. We made it through to the festival with our verbatim piece...so now what? Any advice is certainly appreciated.

  4. I doubt the world will ever run out of ways to read Shakespeare.

  5. Vahid: love to meet up! I thought you were in the same trade.

    Broderick: I wasn't told about the text shows and when I was it was too late for me to make time to come. Feel bad to have missed them.

    Annie: you are lovely looking and I've answered on yuor blog.

  6. Did Amanda use the trick of using your Irish tongue and slacking it off quite a bit, like your cock is two times too big and crowded out by a .45 Colt?

    No, seriously.


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