Friday, 31 March 2006

It's All Saddam's Fault!

George Bush is perhaps the greatest idiot-savant the world has ever known, his latest masterstroke being to blame all the current strife in Iraq on Saddam Hussein.


You couldn't make this rubbish up, you really couldn't. Why does this administration never hold it's hand up and apologise; before getting on with making it better, why is it always someone else's fault?

Speaking of someone else's fault (anyway, I thought Iraq was going badly thanks to the liberal media not telling any good news? Whose fault is it? Saddam or NBC?), remember the recent 'blame the media' drive by Bush about how the media were exaggerating reports of violence in Iraq, well the US administration is paying Iraqi newspapers to put in positive stories to tell the Iraqi people how well it's all going.

Hearts and minds people, hearts and minds...

From Iraq to Iran and the head of the IAEA has is about right, Mr. Mohamed ElBaradei said that sanctions were a bad idea and that "we need to lower the pitch" but with Iran joining the US/UK saber rattling by testing missiles today, it doesn't bode well for the future.

We can but hope.


  1. Contribute and engage with the facts I post or your comments will be deleted.

  2. Lay blame where it belongs with the American people for allowing their xenophobic fear to be manipulated into supporting this illegal, immoral, ill-concieved invasion of a sovereign nation that posed no threat.

    This mental midget of a U.S.President is being handled by a cabal of Neocons that missed the days of the Cold War and used 911 as a pretext to launch the Project for the New American Century or Pax Americanus - U.S. Global Hegemony. Iraq and Afghanistan are but the first steps.

    Luckily this new cold war has been such a boondogle that the Americans are no longer going to stand for it. The world is uniting against us. We need to be checked and balanced to force us to particpate in the world not try to run it.


  3. Blame Saddam, Islamists and Bush, the forces of darkness.

  4. I disagree with the characterization of Bush as an idiot-savant. I disagree with the savant part. There is no brilliance in anything he says or does. I propose another term to describe Bush:


    Has a nice French feeling to it, n'est pas?

    George W. Bush, 3/29/06, speaking at Freedom House:

    "One of the great things about America, one of the beauties of our country, is that when we see a young, innocent child blown up by an IED, we cry."

    Spokent like a true idiot-crétin.


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  6. Shaw!

    Thanks for the heads up! The URL gave us the link to a great speech! I found very little "flubs" that has raise the elitist hairs on the back of your neck. Here's just a tidbit of what your "idiot-cretin" president said:

    "It is hard to overstate the effects of Saddam's brutality on the Iraqi nation. Here's what one Marine recalls when he was on the streets of the Iraqi capital. He said, quote, 'I had an Iraqi citizen come up to me. She opened her mouth and she had no tongue. She was pointing at the statue. There were people with no fingers waving at the statue of Saddam, telling us he tortured them. People were showing us scars on their back.' Iraq is a nation that is physically and emotionally scarred by three decades of Saddam's tyranny, and these wounds will take time to heal. As one Marsh Arab put it, 'Saddam did everything he could to kill us. You cannot recover from that right away.'"

    Yes, it is difficult to recover from a regime such as Saddam's. Which is why a "Play-station II" expectations for the war and the work in Iraq to be finished in short time is so out of touch with reality.

    This proves that if you like really, really, really, really look hard enough for like, you know, errors and mistakes in others, you'll like find them.

    Shaw, face it, you hate Bush.

  7. "Yes, it is difficult to recover from a regime such as Saddam's. Which is why a "Play-station II" expectations for the war and the work in Iraq to be finished in short time is so out of touch with reality."

    Was it out of touch with reality when the idiot-cretin and crew told us that it was going to be a walk in the park, the rebuilding would cost under 2 billion dollars and take less than 6 months, in other words a playstation II result?

    That's what we get for believing what a POTUS says. Now wingnuttia gets angry when we just want them to do what they said they were going to do.


    Of course, I didn't believe him and I'm very sad to have been so right.

  8. Touche!

    Dry your tears, you sentimental guy, for I see precisely what you mean.

    However, before you light up another Cuban to celebrate, Rumsfeld also said several times, in the articles you cited that he didn't know for sure.

    I'll give you this one, and now I'm the better for it. Thanks!

  9. According to the logic of "blame the financier," if Saddam truly is to blame, then America is to blame, particularly Bush's father, also named George, who was the head of the CIA when Saddam was installed as Iraqi dictator by that organisation.

    As for a biased, sold out, poisoned media, well, that's the media for you. Reporters gotta eat too, they'll tell you. Pffft.

    Iran is following orders from Washington. Noriega did the same thing, never believing his American fuckmasters would invade him.

    Ha. Who's the joke going to be on when Iran, Peru, Algeria and Ethiopia are "liberated" by US forces?


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