Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Tactical Aesthetics

Last night, as I lay naked in bed, I realised that I hadn’t explained what an earth I was doing in the architectural hellhole that is Harlow, for all you knew, my dear reader, I may have wandered there by accident after a serious bout of 'mental health issues' or due to booze effecting my mind powers.

The reason I was in Harlow however is not exciting or clever; I have taken a part-time job working with disadvantaged young people (something I’ve been doing since 1997) until the acting work begins to flow again like a creative lava.

Yesterday was my first day in my new (old) job, strange to be back in an office environment again, a world away from poncing around on stage for the entertainment of others but all the staff here are really lovely and friendly; even though their job beats it out of them.

Putting something back and keeping it real, you can’t go wrong.

And thanks to the Col. Dr. for a stolen post title.


  1. Happy second day at the new (old) job!

  2. You made a spelling mistake in your post. It should have been "poncing" instead of "pouncing". Trust me, it would have been funnier.

    Normal service is now resumed...

  3. Darren: thanks for the correction and it is made!

  4. Anything to help, my friend. ;-)

    Don't let Harlow get you down. We visit the trading estates there to buy Alex the Wonderdog's supplies. There's one place called "The Ranch" - a kind of tat-shop selling all manner of old crap that no-one in their right mind would want. To paint a mental image, imagine "Dawn of the Dead" and set it on a trading estate near Harlow and that's the shoppers who visit "The Ranch".

    Man, where's me flipping Prozac?

  5. That sounds as tragic as when Sears started marketing hippie clothing in 1969, and there were actually ads on TV proclaiming them to carry the "must-have" hair bands and lace frocks.

    The "Death Of Hippie" march occured in San Fran the next month, although unfortunately no real hippies were harmed in the event.

    And now the whole body decoration/modification trend has gone commercial, and in 60 years there's going to be helluva lot of wrinkly, saggy butterflies on a lot of wrinkly, saggy asses.

    I'm so glad I brand. So, so very glad.

  6. Enjoy working with those young'uns Dan...they bring the life and energy ourt in us older peeps!! ;) I'm sure they'll enjoy you as much as you enjoy them!

  7. Agree Sara, they certainly keep you fresh and real.


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