Monday, 20 March 2006

The Wyoming Project: The Results Are In!


Not only is Wyoming sparsely populated but it's clear not many of them are bloggers.

So a big thank you to Redneck Wyoming Woman who answered my questions here and by doing so did not seem much like a redneck at all. Make sure you check out the discussion in the comments regarding drinking booze in open containers.

I think that the Wyoming Christians blog ("Bringing God to the People and the People to God!") responded to my queries by putting up this post, which isn't really much use at all but I find their blog quite funny in an alarming way.

Finally, the Wilds of Wyoming has yet to get back to me, so I'll keep checking back as it is the home of some great Wyoming based images.

I think I like Wyoming.


  1. The comment I left on the Wyoming Christians' blog:

    I find it completely typical of American Christians that, first of all, your censorship button turned on to full volume with the notice below this window that comment moderation has been turned on, proving my point that American Christians wouldn't know the meaning of suffering or martyrdom if it was explained in a Dummies book on sale at Wal-Mart for $1.99.

    I also find it typical of the American "church" that the bulk of your postings are actually instruction in civics, and political orientation. I challenge you, in the name of Jesus, to put away the Republican/Hard Right rhetoric, and return to your Christian duty of assisting the poor and downtrodden.

    On the assumption this comment is going to be censored, I feel it only fair to warn you I'm posting it on my blog, and in the comments sections of people who have linked to yours. While it may be convenient for American "Christians" to erase the truth wherever it hurts, I feel an imperative to let it leak out in all its ugly majesty.

    I rebuke your apostasy in Christ's name.

    Sorry for using your comments page as a sounding post, but something had to be said about these clowns.

    Wyoming is great, by the way. Just avoid most of the locals.

  2. Wyoming looks ok to me though i ain't moving over there!

  3. ROFL!! You made another point. Not very many Wyoming people blog. I haven't had much success finding bloggers who post entries regularly. BTW, that really was my mother in the comments section. The state legislature struck down a bill making open containers illigal so I can drink my beer while hubby drives LOLOL (not that I do). Thank you for the compliment, I am not much of a redneck but my blog title gets a lot of hits from it even if it's only curiosity. Take Care~Kat

  4. Isn't it too early to come to any conclusions? More factfinding, please! ;o)

  5. Col.Dr: not a problem, doubt you're comment will ever see the light of day and for some reason he has removed many posts.

    Kat: it was a pleasure, thank you.

    Saur: as Kat says there seems to be only 6 people blogging in Wyoming, it ain't easy extracting the facts!

  6. I answered your questions on my blog, maybe they will help you form a different opinion on something that you know nothing about...


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