Sunday, 19 March 2006

The Wyoming Project

After posting on Wyoming and casting some aspersions on this fair state, I've decided to see if my harsh judgements are correct, so today is the birth of...


Basically, I'm going to contact Wyoming based bloggers and see if the following things are true:

Wyoming is very empty
Wyoming is very Republican
Wyoming is very white
Wyoming likes Dick Cheney
Wyoming doesn't like booze
Wyoming hates Bill Clinton
Wyoming would be a bad place for me to live

I will then feedback the results to my faithful readers and see what hard facts we hit upon.

Wish me luck...


  1. The answers are all yes. Especially the last one.
    It's true. All of it. Avoid at all costs. Save yourself.

  2. To paraphrase Marx*:

    Wyoming is God's Country. And He can have it.

    *Groucho, not Karl

  3. Good on ya dan..I am looking forward to the results of this one!

  4. Yes and no. You'll find my answers here:!3A49054BF8395626!2107.entry

  5. Thanks Kat, I'll get reading!

    Much appreciated!

  6. Hey, if you want to really piss them off, email the Wyoming state senators and ask for a map to where that lovely Brokeback movie was shot.

    Sign it, "Yours in Satan's glory."

    I bet they'd love that.

  7. I kind of like Wyoming,,,but then I am weird, I live in Minnesota. On the other hand, the dating scene can be a bit challenging

  8. Well that will be interesting! I only think of cowboys when I think of wyoming.

  9. If all of those statements are correct, I don't think I'll be visiting Wyoming in the near future.

    Or distant future.

  10. Wyoming loves booze. I'm currently undertaking a bar tour of Wyoming without end, as my proof of my claim. - Julianne
    Laramie, Wyoming

  11. I have posted an apology for my mis-read of your intentions. Perhaps you should have tried a different approach that didn't sound so condescending... Just a thought..

  12. Wyoming is beautiful. Wyoming is empty compared to England.. about 3 people /square mile.. on average. Obviously with concentrations in towns and cities, there are areas that are much emptier. It's stunningly, achingly beautiful. Not everyone in Wyoming loves Dick Cheney. There's a small but active artistic and literary community.
    Wyoming folks drink a good bit and Wyoming has drive-through liquor stores. as well as drive through banks and florists.. and fast food. There are cowboys, but there are artists, actors, teachers etc etc.. like anywhere else.. Wyoming's pace is a little slower and more mellow than say London or New York.. I love it here.. and have been here for 27 years.. My kids loved growing up here.. but one of my kids lives in England now.He'd be back here if he could.
    You should come visit.. It would blow your mind. It makes the legendary Lake District look crowed and tame.

  13. Amen, Jane. Amen. Wyoming's not for everyone, but it's a great place. When you get outside of the towns and can just see for miles, it's such an amazing feeling of freedom. Wyoming's one of the only places where I feel like I can breathe.

    As for the Republicans - I'm one of the state's token liberals, and I find Wyoming Republicans easier to take than many around the country. In other parts of the country, people have been MUCH more interested in telling you what to do. Out here, they just want you to leave 'em alone and leave their guns alone.

    Where did you get "Wyoming doesn't like booze??" We are one of the few states in the nation where it's perfectly legal for a passenger in a motor vehicle to have an open beer. I call it the "Here, hold my beer" law. We only made open containers for the driver illegal a handful of years ago. If you want to see a state that doesn't like booze, try Utah.

  14. Jane and Anon: thanks for your Wyoming feedback, it is much appreciated.

    Glad there are some token liberals out there and I got the drinking thing from the legislation that is passed in Wyoming (and other states) about state control of booze.

    Thanks again for your Wyoming based facts.

  15. There is no question about Wyo being empty, and white. We are slowly gaining small populations of non-white people and they are adding to the rich heritage of Wyo. As far as empty, what do you get for the 4th largest land space in the US with only half a million people (smaller than most cities)? Many of us who live here wouldn't trade it for anything--the space is clearing, and opening, and gives a lot of room to think. Those who think Wyo isn't beautiful aren't looking closely. Drive-by sightseeing in Wyo doesn't work the way it does out east. If you bother to go on the smaller roads, and stop in the towns, and look at the natural wonders which abound, you'll find a subtle harsh beauty. We are home to amazing fossil and dinosaur finds, plus much archaeological wonder, not to mention Yellowstone, the Big Horns, the Tetons, the Red Desert, and a 70 mile long red wall in Natrona and Johnson counties. My blog, which I just recently started, is about wandering around I haven't had a chance to put everything I want to into it, but feel free to come have a look.

    As for republicanism, I know many liberal people registered as republicans because they feel they have a better say in who is electd in the state. This is just to say that it is deceiving. Of course, your average democrat in Wyo tends to be on the more conservative side. I myself am a raging liberal for this state and I feel no compunction about letting people know it. I personally like Bill Clinton just fine, even if he is more spineless than he ought to be. Dick Cheney is not universally liked, even if our Legislature felt they had to give him several standing ovations.

    As far as living here, it isn't for everyone. But if you like space, peace, quiet, being left alone, and a strong arts community, then it is the place for you.

  16. Wyoming is America's Outback. *smiles*

    I have a love/hate relationship with this state. I love the wide open spaces. I hate the lack of good paying jobs. I love the laid back lifestyle. I hate the cost of living. I love the mountains. I hate the cold.
    Wyoming is very republican. And why in Gods name do they keep re-electing that nincompoop Babblin' Babs is a mystery. (barbara cubin) Wyoming is a great place for Businesses. (tax laws)
    Wyoming likes its booze. Wyoming had small groups of people of color. I am one of them. :)

  17. I answered you in depth... here:!91AA1DCBA39C409C!841.entry

    On this blog I'll only say that I've been described as 'stubbornly enthusiastic' about Wyoming and I would like to think it's true :)

  18. Wyoming is very empty: not if you include cows. Ah, who am I kidding? It's quite emplty even with the cows.

    Wyoming is very Republican: true. But Wyo has own brand of tree-hugging/fiscal conservatives, a very tasty blend. Current Governor is a Dem, though.

    Wyoming is very white: True.

    Wyoming likes Dick Cheney: I think there is a certain pride in his tough-guy evilness ... if that makes any sense. Kinda like having a bruiser on your side. Comforting!

    Wyoming doesn't like booze: You are thinking Wyo's neighbor, Utah.

    Wyoming hates Bill Clinton: Nah.

    Wyoming would be a bad place for me to live: Hard to say. I have lived away for three years, and I LOOOONG to return. But I like getting the hell away from civilization whenever possible. Wyoming is like Colorado – just if you removed nearly ALL the people and infrastructure.

    Go Pokes!


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