Friday, 24 March 2006

Wyoming Redux and Doogie Talons

It's all kicked off here hasn't it? And the bigot post is drawing some undesirable elements out of the woodwork....

And all it goes to prove it that if someone is entrenched in their beliefs they will not see the evidence put before them. There is lot of shouting at walls going on.

Also, if you must post anonymously, please don't use it as a chance to name call otherwise your horrible little diatribe will go the way of the dinosuars.

On a lighter note, I had all but given up on anymore Wyoming based facts coming my way but then rejoice! This blog provided me with the following words on Wyoming:

"Dear Daniel: Nice to hear from you. How is London this time of year? I hear that it is always cold and foggy. Is this true? You look very pale in your blog photo. Perhaps some Wyoming sunshine would do you good. The sun always shines in WYO, even at night. You probably didn't know that. There are quite a few Republicans here. Dick Cheney also paid us a visit recently to tell us that the Iraq War is going swimmingly. I hear that Londoners always say stuff like "swimmingly." Is this true? I must admit that booze is our state drink. We sometimes swill booze while we munch on the haunches of deer and antelope. Many of us are hunters and the rest are gatherers. I hope this post answers some questions for you. Best of luck in your acting career."

And then another blog got back to me, although for some reason she got very cross with me and called me a Jackass, which she then removed when I explained I am just curious. Here are her answers, along with some more comments in the Wyoming Project to have a read over, allegedly, there are some liberals out there...

There is also a new addition to my Links of Note, a blog by Lunch Break co-founder Doogie Talons, which I urge you to visit.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. How did this Wyoming obsession start? I don't even dare to mention Utah or Nevada to you.


  2. If I were to reciprocate such attention to your fair country, should I look into Scotland or Wales? Or maybe just a small out of the way town with bad architecture like Harlow?

  3. RE: by chance, through wikipedia, which reminded me I knew very little about Wyoming as a state.

    Jess: Wales and Scotland would be too big, best to pick a small town and there is bound to be some bloggers there.

  4. The thing that amazes me is the complete lack of historical sense Americans have.

    You go to Philadelphia, and you say, "Okay, the bell's broken, so what? That was only two hundred years ago."

    You can go to New Mexico and stand where Billy the Kid got shot. Actually, he was shot in the back in his sleep by his "friend," Pat Garret, in typical coward fashion, but Americans don't like true stories. And in the end, you're standing where a juvenile delinquent is purported to have once stood.

    Britain is the seat of history, people. No Britain, no history. Get used to the idea.

  5. Nobody mentioned Wyoming is home to a whole bunch of ICBM bases. There's even an "ICBM and Heritage Museum". In the cold war, they hoped the soviets would target states in alphabetical order and miss them.

  6. Now that is very interesting indeed Bud, I didn't know that, thanks for adding to the facts.


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