Wednesday, 26 April 2006

The Big Adventure Promo Shots

It does exactly what it says on the tin, The Big Adventure is nearly upon us. I'm the one with the beard and the Arab Scarf...


  1. Hey, Lofty's book is still in print! Say 'ello if you ever run into him for me.

    It's interesting to see a nutbar that won't be commenting on your blog. I speak, of course, of the one being held between you and your partner, wrapped in foil cellophane.

  2. Daniel, I wish for you and your friend a safe and successful journey. I believe the proper phrase is "break a leg"

  3. I really hope you have more than just the one granola bar to split between the two of you. It could be a long adventure. Good luck!

  4. Nice photos! But no matter what you wear, you will never actually be an Arab. You do realize that, I hope.

  5. Love the scarf. Its shapelessness really conforms with the whole 'travelling bard' aspect of TBA.

    I'm so damn jealous.


  6. Walking across one's country has always appealed to me. Probably the only reason that I haven't is because my country is a little bit wider than yours.

  7. Denise said: But no matter what you wear, you will never actually be an Arab. You do realize that, I hope.

    This is funny, because while editing the Urban Dictionary I get tons of suggestions which describe white people who try to act like black people. My favourite is, "g-unit," which should speak for itself among those familiar with rap and hip-hop culture.

    I wonder what a white guy trying to impersonate an Arabic person would be called in the ghetto...

  8. The Fighting Fifty First: how come you have no blog? I'd like to read it.

    Denise: I have no intention of tryng to be an Arab, that is impossible and offensive, I am however, trying to be cool...

    BP: I like your abbreviation: TBA.

    Ed Abbey: you're American aren't you? I've driven across the US, it's a mighty fine nation.

    Col.Dr: as always, a pleasure.

  9. Never mind....seriously, those are great shots.

  10. The last pic almost makes you two look normal!


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