Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Blog Takes a Back Seat

My blog is personified in the pictured collection of young nubiles, it is getting into the backseat and having some fun, while I go and get very busy indeed.

Time is limited, this week marked the start of rehearsals for The Big Adventure, although when I say rehearsals I mean devising; creating the show and thrashing out its parameters, as well as researching the best options regarding footwear. We already have an exciting framework for the show and some of the scenes in a decent state of improvised affairs but much work is still to be done with the first night being the 2nd May. It is both exciting and terrifying.

Today has brought a new snazzy haircut and tonight Marie and I are off to a pub quiz with some people I've only ever met on the internet. It'll either be brilliant or utterly wrong.

It's also my birthday soon (17th April) and I'm turning 30 so Marie has treated me to a long weekend in Brussels, we're off on holiday on the 14th April and return the 17th. It's all go, so do bear with me when it comes to blogging, I'll do my best to keep you abreast of events during rehearsal and beyond.

Until the next time...


  1. A carful of blonds! Every man's dream! :D Happy early b-day!

  2. Good luck with the show, and your 30s and all that.

    And the 6 blondes.

    And Marie.

    Lucky bastard.

  3. Happy Birthday! Please have lots and lots of sex for me!

  4. Happy Birthday! Your walker and adult diapers will be delivered before your return.

    Never trust anyone above 30.

    If it's Tuesday, you should be in Belgium.

  5. Happy Birthday and enjoy the creation process on the big adventure it sound like a great concept. I am looking forward to reading more.

    Kind Regards,

  6. daniel,

    i'm struggling to contact you, call me when you get back from brussels. Have a good one and happy birthday mate.


  7. Happy Birthday! I truly admire your spirit! I'm very excited about the Big A, and look forward to reading about it.


  8. Good quiz, did you win? I was fairly ratted by the end of it. Have a good holiday and birthday!

  9. Have a good birthday mate,Catch up with ya in May,Good footware and plenty of talc is what you need!

  10. Artistic process and social life, going well at the same time. Another reason to celebrate.


  11. Happy birthday! 30 is a great number. I've heard it's the new 20, whatever that means.

  12. Doode, am not envying you yet on 30--that's what I turn next year!! But, hey, great minds do think alike;-)) in the sense that my birthday is NINE days after yours--on the 26th April--that makes you still...ARIES the fighter, if you believe in all that stuff;-)

    Have a supa-dupa birthday! and especially in the double-tongued Bruxelles:-) I am sure they have given you the "bienvenue" arrived by way of Gare Centrale, and Thalys, or the more expensive route of B.A. or RyanAir?--is that still functioning?;-)

    By the time you are thirty-one, I would have published my crime thriller:-) Touch wood!!

  13. OMG, I hope you're not dreading your thirties! Turning 30 is no big deal. People talk about it all around me like it's a friggin' death sentence. It annoys the crap outta me. When I turned 30 I was just relieved, but then I thought I was supposed to die before then, so....

    People who dread 30 are people who think in terms of "should"; you know, like I should have/be doing this or that by the time I'm 30. I'm 36, and if I went by all that shit I'd have to fling myself into the nearest ravine.

    I wouldn't go back to 20 for anything. I think my body's way better now!


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