Monday, 3 April 2006

Bush Gives The Finger


  1. I like the one where he's drunk just before the 2000 election, where he claimed not to have had a drink in the previous 8 years.

  2. I have given many "one fingered victory salutes" in my youth and I would hate to be judged that because of them, I would make a poor president someday.

    I dislike Bush, but I think whoever made that video public, taken out of context, did a very distasteful thing. I think it worse than the actual contents of the video.

  3. Is this the best you've got? Come on. Raise the bar a little.

  4. Shaw: I think it is, the sense that you can see that grinning smart ass bubbling under and also the sense of play he has, I'll give him one thing, he's funny and powerful.

    Ed: I posted the video with no comment, I posted it because it makes me laugh, to be honest, it has nothing to do with Bush as a President, I like seeing people of power being human.

    Anon: See my comment above, I've already torn Bush's policy making apart and will continue to do so, the bar I've set no one has matched. How about you have a go?

  5. Just to clear up something:

    I have no problem with you posting the video. My only problem is the person who released it to the public, where you found it. I might think less of you if you based your opinion of Bush's character based solely off one short video clip but I'm guessing from your past posts that this isn't the case.

  6. He needs admitting! He reminds me of a 'puppet on a string'.


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