Saturday, 8 April 2006

I Keep Walking, Keep Moving...

"Wherever my compass says North, that's where my soul goes. The more doubts and torments fall away from me, the more I know where I am, the more everything spreads and shines and dawns on me."

In preparation for The Big Adventure (I am getting more and more excited/ nervous as each day passes) I am doing some serious walking to toughen myself up and get fit. Today was a particularly lovely two hour stroll, covering 8 miles, through Epping Forest to Chingford via Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge and then back round to Buckhurst Hill.

I saw two rabbits, loads of squirrels, a cow and some tired children who could no longer peddle their bikes up the hill and had resorted to dragging them behind them. The smallest one in the group was getting left behind like a baby duck, I felt quite sorry for him. I did however manage to figure out an introduction to the play, which is nice.

I urge any of my UK based readers to attend The Big Adventure if they are near any of our venues and offer us any spare change you have or food, it will be gratefully received! I'm relying on you to spread the word!

Onto other matters..we have a new blog linked and yet another member of the Telford massive called Fulla, who has a nice taste in jumpers, big shoulders and a lot of love to give. I have met him and I like him.

Can I remind you that this DeLay themed caption competition needs some captions so get stuck in!

On a more serious note, it seems that Rice and Cheney have fell out over tactical blunders in the Iraq war, which is a real shame. Was Rice playing the latest polls (with a view to running for President one day) that point to an electorate that no longer sees Republicans as any better than Democrats on defence? Bush is also in the process of hitting a new low, with only 36% of respondents saying he was doing a good job.

I think my raft of posts on the rise of the right in the US and further thoughts on the development of an American Empire will have to wait until I get back from The Big Adventure but they will come, of that you can be sure.

I shall leave you with Napoleans 78th military maxim:

"Gustavus Adolphus, Turenne, and Frederick, as well as Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar have all acted upon the same principles. These have been: to keep their forces united; to leave no weak part unguarded; to seize with rapidity on important points.

Such as the principles which lead to victory, and which, by inspiring terror at the reputation of your arms, will at once maintain fidelity and secure subjection."


  1. It was so strange seeing "Rice" and "tactical" in the same sentence, at first I honestly though you were talking about Asian cuisine.

    I think the "tension" between Dick and Condy has more to do with Condy turning down his rumble in the jungle proposal. Insecure nutless guys get touchy about shit like that. If only he knew Condy prefers taco to sausage, the world would be a safer place.

    The linked article has a more astounding bit of info for me, that Americans have lost faith in the Republican ability to defend America. This has been holy grail as long as I can remember.

    I worry that the inevitable shift left in America will equate to a prolonged Right Wing mood in Canada, as has been the informal pattern since after the War.

    Of course, your nation is already supposed to be "left," and it astounds me that the party which seventy years ago was still a signed member of the Comintern is so cozy with America--and there's nowhere to go but right.

    And nobody expects the Tories to soften up, do they?

    Oh god, it's only going to get worse...

  2. It's all in the shoes dan..ya gotta have good walking boots!

  3. Good luck with the tour Dan. Consider yourself linked to Fulla blog. This doesn’t mean we have to exchange rings or owt does it?
    Great quote thoroughly inspiring stuff!

  4. "If only he knew Condy prefers taco to sausage, the world would be a safer place."

    Whoa, Col. That means you are back in the race. That little Condy cutie!

  5. You're crazy. And the main character in some excellent stories, I can imagine. Have a wonderful adventure and take many notes.

  6. Sometimes I'm a little slow.....did you say this show is going to be televised in your country?

  7. Wow, bud called me a pussy and hid behind an anonymous moniker to do it.

    Real manly, bud. Typically American. I'd be afraid that you're going to bomb my house from a ship 2,000km away, but I know you'd "miss" and it the orphanage next door.


  8. Q: What do you call a brave American?

    A: Deportee.

  9. Have fun at the Advenure and Break a Leg. Don't get me started on Republicans, I am so bummed that my goverment sucks. When I am on vacation in foreign countries, I try to pretend I am Canadian or something. Or if the truth comes out I let the folks now I am in one of the Blue States where people don't vote for oil-drunk morons.


  10. It is starting to smell here, with all the bait the col.dr. lays out.

    I only post here as bud, sometimes logged in, sometimes not. As of now there are no bud posts on Daniel's blog that are not mine. This is my first post on this thread. Believe it if you want, or don't, it is not important to me, but it is true.

    There will be no bombing of your home. You are not a high value target. You are not a low value target. In fact, you are a useful idiot. By association, you make the people trying to do something look like fools. Are you a disinformation campaign, instigated by the very people you claim to be against? Do not bother answering. Answer my earlier question.

    Give some examples of "legal" wars. (fourth request)

  11. Usually I just ignore pinhead Nazi nobodies who have warped senses of history and purpose. But sometimes you have to blankly face a Nazi down, because Nazism spreads if you don't, and stupid people result.

    In an effort to fight the stupidity of Nazi non-thinking, I have been challenged to provide examples of "legal" war, from an American. I state that no American understands legality, let alone what conditions warrant the use of armed intervention. I condemn the American nation as an uncivilised, uncouth, uneducated, uninterested instigator of violence, and state emphatically that I owe no fucking American one word of explanation.

    Still, what should be common sense, in regards to what conditions warrant a response of arms, is below explained so even the Nazi twerps whose insufficiencies make their parents ashamed of them will at least have heard how immoral and corrupt their war policies are.

    A legal war, "bud," is one which is sparked by the contravention of a sovereign nation's security, by way of attack on interests abroad, such as the "Shores of Tripoli" action from the beloved Marine Corps Hymn, or at home, such as when your precious Nazis invaded Poland and started World War II.

    Such wars are fought in order to defend the nation, as the term, "national defense" would suggest.

    The Nazi attempt at taking over Europe (we enlightened people laugh at your precious Hitler's shortsightedness about the Middle East, and Southeast Asia) was a war of aggression, or "war for war's sake."

    This was the easiest way to legally ram the surviving Nazis through the ad hoc Nuremburg trials, so America could strut around and pretend it had a clue about following the rules. These pretentions lasted a whole three years, when America reneged on its agreements, and began a European land grab, which was gloriously defeated by Stalin's wise and brave defense of freedom and democracy.

    Korea was an illegal war, which is why it is largely forgotten. Also, the official story about who attacked whom when is distorted for Western learners, and glorious Communist armies are taught a very different history.

    What is clear about Korea is, the Soviet Union liberated it from 45 years of Japanese cruelty, and in spite of Anglo-American warmongering in Europe, the USSR withdrew to demarcation lines they had agreed upon with the US. This is because Russian people are honest, and actually do what they say they will do.

    The invasion of Afghanistan was illegal, but the USSR never made bones about it. The "allied" invasion of 2002 was also illegal, for it was based on an emotional reaction to events which were deliberately caused by colleagues of the Bush administration, which even if they were a valid terrorist organisation, did not give the "allies" free reign to topple the Afghan government.

    The legal war, in this case, is the self-defense of the Afghan people, whose sovereignty has, yet again, been violated by a superpower.

    Another example of the "defensive" legal war, is the insurgency in Iraq. What Americans fail to understand is, like your Nazi forebears who complained that the Danes wouldn't just roll over and die when they showed up, you have no right to whine when the people of the nation you attacked illegally fight back.

    Dirty, low-tech, but effective, the insurgency leaves only one question for anyone who hasn't suspended all reality in their dizzy quest to out Nazi their fellow Nazi countrymen: what the fuck did you expect?

    You do not bomb the shit out of innocent people without at least some of those people figuring all bets are off, and doing their best to bomb the shit out of you.

    We remember Napoleon's defeat in Russia as a "good" thing (one of the only examples where Nazis like you stop worshipping Hitler's testicle and actually give Russia credit for being far more a moral, decent society than your Nazi American cesspool), and we remember the eventual defeat of your Nazi forebears by the Soviet forces your coward nation left to fight for four years while they knocked up ugly barmaids and isolated an entire continent who to this day hate their fucking guts just slightly less than the original Nazis, as another good thing.

    So, why should it be that Nazi America's only "lesson" from its past fifty year history of losing everything it's fought in, is to secure the Mid-East oil fields your precious one-balled god Hitler never planned for in the Big One?

    Nazi war is illegal war, for it never gives anyone time to attack it. Nazis, therefore, should generally be disregarded as human beings, and exterminated much like the United States did with mass executions following World War II. The genocide of the Nazis, though it didn't compare to the murder of six million Jews, which is your fault, bud, because you and everyone you know is a Nazi or voted for one, was not, therefore, a "bad" thing.

    Exterminating evil, therefore, presents as a "moral" war. Of course, it doesn't make it legal, unless evil attacks one's nation. And then, the scope of the ensuing war must be limited to exterminating evil. Therefore, as your Nazi President said, anyone who protects the alleged 9/11 attackers must be exterminated.

    As has been pointed out ad nauseum, America itself even now protects Al Qaeda, and ensures their operational status by maintaining a cordon around their Pakistani mountain sanctuary, thereby giving comfort, if not outright aid to your precious Nazi nation's alleged "enemies."

    Therefore, if America wants to engage in a legal war, it must be a civil war, which exterminates those military-political elements which are guilty of having attacked the World Trade Center, and keep stupid people like a certain guy who lurks on blogs from learning how to think, or find lasting success in a sexual relationship with a female of the human species.

    The civil war in Nicaragua which deposed Somosa was legal, in that it was a democratic response to an American presence which had corrupted the soul of the Nicaraguan leadership, as evidenced by mass theft and murder by governmental bodies.

    In fact, it is no stretch to point out that, throughout all of history, wherever Americans or their forebears have done anything, evil has resulted. Pointing to the Quasi War with France, who bankrolled your little Revolution there, it is clear that biting the hand that feeds you is practically a Constitutional duty. And who could forget Sodom and/or Gommorah, where unregulated capitalist market exploitation led to depravity on such a grand scale God himself killed you Nazi American sodomites off.

    Evidence of how corrupt America is can even be found earlier in Genesis, where God moans to the heavens that he is rueful at having created people, some of who would become Americans, and had a fucking flood to kill them off.

    Unfortunately, the noble Dutch boat builder who saved humanity took the American strain on board, being a caring, though naive person, and after getting shivved and having his animals stolen, openly regretted that Cocksucker #1 would go on to found the American nation some day.

    How evil is America, you would ask, if heavy antipsychotic medication didn't keep your train of thought running off to confused fantasies of puffy pink puppies in the park, bud? Let us put it this way so your pea-brained American brain can understand it.

    Real evil. Very much so.

    You fools can't even recognise a social model of a collapsing red giant which has already eaten away your middle class and will, within 20 years, spell the end of your nation as a cohesive federal state.

    Why would I worry about drugged up Nazi psychopaths who can't score with human females, or even protect the simple social safety mechanisms put in place after 1929 to prevent a resurgence of Depression-era living conditions (in white neighbourhoods, anyway)? You think you can just go and invade something and make it better? Hah, Vietnam led to the Energy Crisis, what the hell do you think Iraq is going to lead to?

    I laugh out loud even now, at the thought of your furrowed brow, trying to read past the first paragraph above, and giggle at the thought of you reading about Napoleon, wondering why Pedro's friend is mentioned.

    Let's just point out the obvious. America bad. Real bad. Nobody like America.

    This rant is brought to you by American Express. My city, my card.

    So let's wrap it up:
    -Yantze River Expedition--illegal.
    -Boer War--illegal.
    -Spanish-American War--illegal.
    -World War I--semi-legal American involvement.
    -Spanish Civil War (non-Republican involvement)--illegal.
    -World War II--legal.
    -Iraq (both times)--illegal.
    -Grenada--laughably illegal.
    -American Civil War--illegal.
    -Western Expansion (Indian Wars)--illegal.
    -Southern Expansion (Mexican Wars)--illegal.
    -Northern Expansion (War of 1812)--illegal, and we kicked your asses.
    -Suez Canal Crisis--illegal, and we kicked your asses.
    -Jesus vs. the Jews--illegal, and we kicked your ass.
    -You vs. reality--just plain stupid.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    God shed his grace on thee. :)

  12. I only post here as bud, sometimes logged in, sometimes not.
    Yeah, right.

    No link=Dink.

  13. I really wish you the best on your upcoming endeavor! Whew, that sounded like a greeting card, didn't it? ;o) I'm also looking forward to more bombastic posts.

  14. I agree with ya Barnze- All about the shoes!

  15. Shoes and water..Ya gotta have plenty of water...Oh and Dan looks nowt like my brother in law at all!

  16. hugs and kisses from Miami BeachSaturday, 15 April 2006 at 17:51:00 BST

    Col. If you are all so caring and giving in Canada, why the hell won't you tip a poor working girl in Miami? Because you are cheap mother fuckers and couldn't defend yourselves from Quebec's French whores...oops, meant French hoards. Happy to serve Americans any day.


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