Saturday, 29 April 2006

Me On The Radio

The publicity around The Big Adventure is starting to build up nicely, with the radio interviews rolling in as well as interest from national television, with hopefully the BBC's culture show on board.

The interview with my home town's radio station is available for you to listen to here, along with an article on the show itself, so have a read and listen to my dulcet tones...although be warned, Mark does a lot of the talking and if you don't know, I'm the one with the very deadpan voice who is witty as hell.

I can't believe this is all about to start so very soon.


  1. Life comes at you fast. For everything else, there's Mastercard.

    Or something like that.

    Congrats on the free publicity, and when you get big, remember who keeps you real and honest :)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Take your milk float with you. We could only ever get ours to go just under 30mph. ;-)

  4. Sorry to see that your excommunication from the zombie slayers blog is still effective.
    you must learn to think and communicate as they do -I have learned, but not believe of course.

    AND CONGRATULATIONS on your achievement.

  5. If you can find time away from your exalted posi, read my post its all about you sport.

  6. (I couldn't play the interview, don't have the realplayer...)

    I presume you will be wearing your Keffiyeh on the big adventure. After the airport incident, I was wondering if you have worked out how you will respond if it happens again? Assuming it is a situation as safe as an airport, would you see it as an opportunity for some impromptu theatre? With a potential audience of millions, you might be able to do some good.

    So I was thinking about these things earlier and saw the picture of you holding the SAS survival guide. I didn't look closely then, but I saw a comment about it, and searched "Lofty SAS". I found the SAS Self-Defense handbook first, and thought "oh no, some louts are going to call Daniel a pakistani, and he's going to turn around and kill them all with his bare hands!". Avoiding panicking, I scrolled down and saw there is also a "survival" guide, so maybe peace will prevail... ;)

    Congratulations and best of luck on The Big Adventure!

  7. Vest: thank you.

    Bud: yes, the Keffiyeh will be worn for the show and yes, I am not trained to kill, not yet anyway. Thanks for your wishes!

  8. Wishing you both a safe journey. See you when you hit Nottingham


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