Saturday, 1 April 2006

Plan B and Renegade Eye Meme

I stab in ya' eye yo
With a fuckin' biro
The same fuckin' biro
Ya' use to sign ya' giro
Ya' fuckin' wino
Don't fuckin' cross my line yo
I hit ya' so hard
Ya arse'll hit the floor in Cairo

On Wednesday night I went to see someone who I believe is going to take UK and US music by storm over the next year, he's called Plan B (real name Ben Drew) and he lays down some of the heaviest rhymes you've ever heard, over acoustic guitar. Serious. So you've got jaw dropping flow over urgent, folk (ish) strumming/finger picking; occasionally being backed up with other instruments. BLUP BLUP BLUP!

People are already struggling to pigeonhole this talent, as is the way with the music press, so the lazy peeps are calling him a hip-hop folk singer, or the new Eminem or a crossover waiting to happen. Whatever, I don't fucking care, all I know is his rhymes have a brutality and honesty that I can relate to and his musical pallet is wider than your average hip-hopper. Seeing him live you can see how much he buys into the words he sings, he cares and wears his heart on his sleeve and you have to respect that.

It really is time for Plan B...

I got tagged by the excellent Renegade Eye some time ago so it's about time I responded but as ya'll know I'm not passing it on, I fucking hate memes.

1) What are your guilty pleasures?
Nasty ass, dirty ho, p0rn with no holes barred.
2) What song is your theme song?
"Damaged II" by Black Flag.
3) You receive $20.00 change in a retail store. The correct change is $1.00. What do you do?
Keep it, fool and wonder what I'm doing in America later...
4) You know your friend's husband has another lover. Tell wifey?Yes, fuck 'em, live by the sword so die by it. Pay the price of your actions.
5) Who do you admire, that would surprise others?
George Bush's chutzpah is amazing.


  1. Plan B is a nothing more than wigga. You can make anything rhyme with anything if you add a gutteral "o" sound to the end of it. Example:

    I go to the site of Dan HG-O
    He comes across as some acto'
    I think he likes drinking orange-o
    And stuffing a biro
    Up his arseho'

    Look, I managed to make the word "orange" rhyme with something. I'm a fricking genius. I am so street. Jah man, those middle class fools will buy up my shit, no problem. ;-)

  2. Thanks.

    For not clogging the world with more memes & for other more important things, too.

  3. If the lyrics are his, they won't translate well to an American audience. If they meant something, I didn't get it. :P Sorry - it's not a slam, just the truth.


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