Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Spazbastion, Bistro Vapour, Turning 30 and the Brilliance of Brussels

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, the earth did not stop turning and I look much the same as I did when I was 29, my arse has not fell off and my chin has not sunk to my knees…not yet anyway. I do however have man boobs…
That was a joke.

It was not funny but what is funny is when you stop blogging regularly how many things happen in the wider world that you wish you had time to blog about. For example, the recent bombing in Tel Aviv has re-opened an already ragged debate on the future of the Middle East and the ability of Hamas to govern Palestine; it comes at a time when Israel has a leader looking to partially withdraw many of the settlements and some kind of resolution could be achieved in the short term. Add to this the political masterstroke of Iran (and Qatar) in funding the Palestinian nation now that Israel has withdrawn funds (I can’t decide whether President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a master of neo-con style brinksmanship or determined to get invaded and test the mettle of the US armed forces) and you have an increasingly foggy situation.

Speaking of Iran, a fascinating diplomatic event is set to take place soon, the US government is going to sit down and talk to the Iranian government but not about nuclear capabilities, it is still refusing to meet face to face and discuss this beef. Rather it wants to discuss Iraq and Iranian interference, I wonder if an Iranian representative will try and take the conversation off topic onto alternative energy sources? Oh to be a fly on the wall.

And then there is Rumsfeld, of whom President Nixon said: ”He’s a ruthless little bastard. You can be sure of that.” and the attack upon his abilities by a cabal of generals who have decided to tell us what we already knew: that Iraq Mark II could have been planned better. Why that’s just his fault alone I’ve no idea (I personally think Rumsfeld is being ‘punished’ for his immense arrogance and his attempted restructuring of the US military), why these generals expect us to fall over in shock at their disclosures when the dead Iraqi civilians pile up, along with the dead US/UK troops and the Iraqi government still refuses to meet some 6 months after its formation…WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE BETTER!!! THAT’S CRAZY TALK! I THOUGHT WE’D WON THE WAR ALREADY! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, I SAW IT ON FOX NEWS!

Brussels was an absolute treat: the world’s best beer, great food and a smattering of sights; a much needed holiday with Marie before my time is stolen away by rehearsals and walking across Britain. Last night Marie and I were joined for birthday beers by our good friend Nick, who from this point on shall be known as either Spazbastion or Bistro Vapours, I wish I could remember why but we got drunk…at the time though it was very, very funny; so much so that beer may have shot out of my nostrils but don’t quote me on that.


  1. Iran knows America backs down from any country that gets nuclear arms, so they can afford to swagger.

    Rumsfeld is just one the Thirteen Hundred. As the saying goes, the bureaucracy is being expanded to meet the expanding needs of the bureaucracy.

    Hamas was duly elected, and deserves full diplomatic privileges. But nobody ever accused the White man of playing fair, ever, once in history.

    Glad Brussels worked out for you. You'll find your thirties are pretty much like your twenties except you start to notice how fucking stupid twenty-year-olds look and act, and how much better things were when you were ten years younger.


  2. Beer out of nostrils? Sounds like my kinda night! Happy Birthday Dan for yesterday...Glad you had a good'n!

  3. Glad to hear you had fun w/ Marie, and I'm even happier to hear that those aren't your man-boobs. :D

  4. I stand corrected; Nixon did say something smart once.

  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy 30! Cause 40 is coming! I am so fed up with my moronic goverment, for whom I am proud to say I did not vote for.

    Keep Blogging! Looking forward to hearing about the Adventure!


  6. Many happy returns yee olde farte - 30s are cool - so far much better than 20s!

  7. Too bad Mark has the nickname Spazbastion. It would have been a good one to pin on Rummy.

    Happy Birthday!


  8. Hey, saur, woher erhielten Sie das Herz? Es ist sehr shoenen.

  9. Happy Birthday!
    I turn 30 in May. It's nice to know you don't instantly turn into your parents the day you turn 30--at least you don't appear to have turned into your parents.
    I don't know them.

  10. Daniel:

    The Nixon quote really landed hard, man. I am like, you know, thoroughly convinced. Oh, and before you uncork the champaigne, there's a large number of generals who support Rummy.

    I'm surprised, Daniel, with your great analytical ability, that you missed that one of the generals just happened to come out with a book. Imagine that? The timing was like...uncanny. And, you have noticed that the ever political Wesley Clark, who for whatever self-serving reason, happened to jump on board too. Do you think he's running for president again?

    Nice try for doing news analysis, but I have much better sources.

    Col. dr:

    Hamas is a group of thugs who now have political power. Big deal. And we should see them as legitimate? As a citizen of this same continent, don't you want the U.S. to be a BIT more discriminating? Besides, do you want us to push these other powers who have nukes? Don't tell me you would have something positive to say about the U.S. if we did. I may be a bigoted, homophobic ultra-right wingnut with delusions of granduer, but I'm not gullible. Unless you say so, of course.

  11. Hey Daniel

    Will you put the UL in his place man! He's so boring with his mocking lanuage... like we have not heard that one before that tosser.

    What an arse.

    Good on you man. See you down at the Larkshall one day!


  12. UL: in a nutshell, cease this, your blindness to my writing means that you failed to see that I think that the Rumsfeld scenario is a fuss over nothing. The Nixon quote was actually there to make him look good. I also defend Rumsfled in the post but you're so entrenched in your opinion o fme that you can't see that.

    You're a joke and your response to me on this post exposes that again. Newsmax is not a good source.

    Your summation of Hamas is inaccurate, as always.

    Do not let this post turn into another flame war, stop looking for conflict where there is none.

  13. Happy Birthday! Glad you had fun in Brussels -- did you eat any mussels? I don't like them but a lot of my coworkers eat mussels in Brussels...they go good with beer.

    Beer out the nostrils -- classic!

  14. D - Don't pay any attention to UL. We have crushed him to the point that his posts are nothing but taunts with little actual content. Remember when he used to try to sell himself as some sort of thinker? It really is a shame that we so easily pounded his childish arguments into the ground.

    Looking back that was actually pretty funny. He is now showing his true self, a very shallow minded, poorly read and travelled, frustrated weakling who uses psuedo-intellectuialism and religous fanaticism as his crutches. He doesn't really understand the world outside of his zealotry. It confuses and frustrates him.

    He doesn't get you because you are not on the same intellectual plane. They way he read you post was, "rumsfled is a poopy head."

    How do you argue with someone receiving that from your well written post?

  15. Daniel:

    I forgot to read "your support" between the lines. You have a left handed way to say it, if you did at all. Nevertheless, I'm sure Rumsfeld's office is thrilled to have a British actor on board.

    As to the "Bubble-Boy" who believes he crushed my arguments, "Whatever you say, Yank."


  16. *sigh*

    I'm not on board, I just think that the generals stated the obvious and its not worried the US people before so why should it now?

    Rumsfeld uselessness is the least of my worries at the moment...

  17. *sigh and roll the eyes*

    Well, Daniel, then my treatment of your post wasn't as blind as you insist.

  18. Here we go again...

    Yes your treatment was as blind as I suggested, you went mental at me for being anti-Rumsfeld when the post wasn't anti-Rumsfeld. I pointed out that you went mental because you expect me to be anti-Rumsfeld when in fact I am much more three dimensional than that.

    The subject is now closed.

  19. The subject is not closed. Going mental? Why you flame-thrower, you! You know I'm on to you! You keep up with your inflammatory rhetoric and we'll break the record again.

  20. No we won't.

    I wrote a post, you misread it due to your failure to see I'm not as one-dimensional as you.

    You've then huffed and puffed alot, as I said, over.