Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Tom DeLay Mugshot

The driving force behind President Clinton's impeachment will at last be hoisted by his own petard, so after the 2005 indictment on criminal charges of conspiracy to violate election laws and then two of his former top aides, Michael Scanlon, former communications director, and Tony Rudy, his former chief of staff, pleading guilty to various charges of corruption relating to the Jack Abramoff scandal; it seems the DeLay show is finally over.

There is a caption competition here with the mugshot and I urge you to put the best words you can to his face, swearing is allowed...

And for those of you interested in such things, here is his arrest warrant:


  1. I think God would want him shot. Unless we're talking about the God who apparently endorses George Bush. That God would want Delay given safe haven in a mountain paradise while his wife and children were firebombed.

  2. Why does God have to be a part of this?

  3. Tom De Lay is smiling, not because someone told him to say cheese, but "Col dr. is a genius in his own mind." That would make anyone laugh, except for the Col.

  4. Denise: because Delay is constantly and has constantly used his religion as a stepping stone to his success and appeal and I don't think God likes cheats in his Holy Kingdom.

    UL: That is not why DeLay is smiling...

  5. Daniel, have you ever thought about making a poli-film...? I've asked you this before... But...

    ... you have so much on your blog, so many stories... So many eccentrics like, you know who... so many hard facts that a film could really mess up the right-wingnuts who visit your blog.

    You are the shit, man... destroy the fascist shit-fuckers: Bush and his zombies...

    I know you have a very excitng touring play that you are embarking on, Daniel, but film, with your background and talent, will enable you to reach a far greater audience.

    From reading your blog, I am aware that we have a "voice" that we can rely on. Keep up the good work, man, and know that there is a legion behind you. This world is a pretty fucked place and we normals have to stick together against the others.

    And if U.L. has a prob with what I'm saying, tell him in advance: go to Church to pray for my lost soul!

    By the way, I've done more research on one of our pop culture icons and it seems that 007 is indeed a bitch for the (imaginary) "war on terror" in the upcoming film "Casino Royale." I ask everyone to BOYCOTT THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My beloved Bond, cool in the cold war is nothing more than a Bushwak-rascist junkie ass now ...

    Lets just say, I'm going to make a date to miss this piece of propaganda-feces...


    Kick ass Daniel. Me and others like me, need a voice. Seriously, fuck Blair, Bush and the right-wing brethren. DO your shit! Get a digi-cam and shoot your film already!~!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to start a petition though... Let Daniel make a film...

  6. Denise: Delay dragged God into this in the statement he released along with this mugshot. Please learn the context before dishing crit.

    Underlogical logician: taking unwarranted potshots at me for using Delay's own words against him seems rather stupid, but the intelligent world asks, what should one expect from a failed quasi-academic who can't come to grips with his latent homosexuality and glaring apostasy?

    As for "genius in his own mind," let's arrange to post our Mensa membership cards so you can be put back in your quasi-academic, dumbass place. Biatch.

  7. And I'd just point out that impotent attacks on an actual, certified genius like myself, sourced from a wounded sense of pride because you were accurately pinged after an attack on my friend Daniel, mixed with your own natural feelings of inadequacy because, face it, you're a failure and EVERYONE has to pay for it, only detract from the valid issues Daniel posts on his blog, and demonstrate a malevolent will in your posting comments.

    If you so highly tout yourself as a "logician," why do you not try defining the essential points of what Daniel says, and present counter-arguments which represent an alternative point of view?

    For example, where people complain that you're a fucking asshole, it might suggest that, rather, you're just a fucking jerk. If they say you're a control freak, maybe people should ponder whether instead you're a fucking asshole struggling with control issues.

    These are hypothetical, of course, but demonstrate that your closed-minded approach to what you term "logic," is uncharacteristic of the definition of that word.

    So loosen up, UL, and stay on task. We're not here to cast aspersions on each other, or point out that over 78% of middle aged males who enter Catholic ecclesiastical sanctuaries AND pursue meaningless advanced degrees are seriously overcompensating for their insecurity at knowing how truly gay they are inside, and that their bitter attacks on those who actually have a command of the knowledge pool are so much evidence of sophomoric maturity issues.

  8. Imagine if folks like UL had the balls to come to grips with who they are. I actually think UL would be an interesting person if he were, at least, honest with himself.

    Hiding behind a mythologically imposed set of mores that shields one from self-discovery or inquiry is nothing more than a cop-out. Self-actualization and the esteem that comes with it are only possible with honesty.

    Belief is comfortable. It's easy, but it is dishonest when it is used to shield reality and truth.

    Stripped bare of ideology, mine, yours, his, etc, we are offered an unfiltered view into our being. It can be very scary, as it should be. Most dogmatic victims are too conditioned to lower the veil to ask the self what it is. They recoil from the notion. Fear reinforces their coding and the cycle continues.

    We often get a glimpse when they rage against that which is obvious and contrary to their absolutes. The anger displayed is the outward manifestation of the cognitive dissonance experienced as they approach and resist their gestalt moment.

    ...and you wonder why I push.

  9. I am like surrounded by genius bloggers here. I'm going to like strip bare my ideology so that, you know, yanky can help me get like an unfiltered view of my like, total being.

    Where and how do I begin, maestros?

  10. Hiding behind a mythologically imposed set of mores that shields one from self-discovery or inquiry is nothing more than a cop-out.

    Fuckin' A right.

  11. Col. dr.:

    What real life mores are better?

    Yank and DHG:

    Honest with myself? I didn't think I was lying to myself. Whataya mean?

  12. I wasn't "dishing crit". I asked why God had to be a part of it. Don't fuck with me.

  13. Try asking yourself some questions and taking away the possibilty of answering them by saying, "the bible says.." or "it's a sin."

    Start with why you hate homosexuality. If it wasn't, your words, "a sin" would you still hate it. And then ask, "why?"

    This is where the honesty kicks in. Take away everything external to you and examine how you feel about it independently in your own vaccuum. A wise man once said, "Know thyself." Start here.

    I know this is off topic and opens up a new can of worms, but it seems like the issue that most clearly defines you.

  14. So, you think that I need to think of homosexuality differently because of something hidden inside of me?

    If my thinking that it is a sin, then how can I know that not thinking it a sin isn't a myth? Where's the grounding?

  15. Let me put the last question more clearly. How can I know that thinking homosexuality is normal and natural isn't a myth? You're telling me my Judeo-Christian beliefs are mythical. Fine. Show me that your beliefs are not.

  16. Denise: God was mentioned because DeLay was a big pusher of the Christian Right to the centre of the Bush admin.

    UL: this homophobia thing is off topic here and will lead to these comments being spammed with a back and fro dialogue on the matter when it's already been dealt with in another post.

  17. Daniel - My bad I started it.

    It wasn't supposed to be about his homophobia. It was about asking himself why he believes something or how he feels about it absent of external rules telling him how.

    I don't think UL can grasp what I'm talking about. His mind is too rigid.

  18. Yanky,

    It's not that I don't grasp it. I reject it, a concept you can't grasp.

  19. Oh many of us have grasped that yopu reject things out of hand, it's how you seem to deal with many things that challenge you.


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