Saturday, 13 May 2006

Back in my Endz

For those of you not down with the street lingo I is displaying, I am back in my hometown of Nottingham and as Mark and I entered its city walls we were greeted by this bevy of golden ladies...or maybe my blood sugar was getting very low...

I have never been happier to see it's young mothers, youths in caps and awful architecture and tonight promises to be a truly cracking show of The Big Adventure at the Nottingham Arts Theatre. Marie and my mother-in-law will be there as will many of our friends, I hope we're good.

Since departing Fordhall Farm on the morning of the 9th, we walked too many miles to Stone where we performed our show thanks to a lovely man called David Smith who runs a charity that helps men get in touch with their foreskins...I kid you not. From Stone we walked to Uttoxeter and from there on to the outskirts of Derby. Last night we performed at the home of Ian and Alison in the aforementioned Derby and had a wonderful evening, so thanks to them for being such great hosts and providing us with such a supportive audience.

Today we featured in Nottingham's local paper, here is the story, tomorrow we are being followed by the BBC and the only bad news is, Mark's groin is severely inflamed due to chaffing.


  1. You were good mate,me n Mrs B enjoyed your performance,Try rubbing a bit of vaselene into Marks groin..On second thoughts bests not if your hot dogging!

  2. Lucky barnze!

    Welcome home! Can't wait to read more about it.

    Uhhh...chaffing sucks.

  3. @ Notsocranky Yankee..A good laugh with some sad stuff lobbed in,Pair of um were great,Mind you they can keep the walking!

  4. Blood sugar...haw!!

    BTW, I started a fiction blog. Just an FYI, dude.

    Post more pictures of wholesome-looking farm boys, please! :)

  5. I reckon the foreskin charity is NORM-UK based in Stone, not the one you linked to based in California.

  6. Keep it going lads - you are legends! Sorry about the groin and feet problems but it is all worth it!
    Barnaby x

  7. Glad to see that ou're abck and weel. You must have had and amazing time. We missed you!

  8. Hi Anon,
    You are right, my foreskin charity is NORM-Uk and not NORM in California.
    David Smith

  9. Holy Toledo, it's already been two weeks!? Word.

  10. Wonderful post, right down to the first half of the last sentence.

    Now please excuse me, for I must powder.


  11. Cool.

    Hang in there, and is "chafing" what they're calling it nowadays?

    I know, drollery after your ordeal is pissing you off even as I type this. I have a talent.

    To get in touch with my foreskin I'd have to invent a time machine, set it to 1968, and bring a surture kit.

    Yeah, I know, you're sore and tired, I'm sorry. You did marvelously. Congratulations.

  12. I have grown quite attatched to my foreskin!


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