Thursday, 18 May 2006

The Big Come Down

Back in London and feeling quite empty.

Now The Big Adventure is over I feel a bit lost, I miss the walking, I miss the challenge and I miss Mark. I miss meeting people and not quite knowing what was going to happen to me. I miss having no responsibility but to walk to our next venue. I miss the show itself.

I emailed my agent to say I was back and that I was ready to go for jobs, hope they put me up for some stuff even if it's just to take my mind off of how much I miss the adventure.

Found another two reviews here and here, off to my old drama school tomorrow to give a talk to the latest batch of graduating students; I hope I can do something to make their journey a little easier.


  1. I know the nothing can quite top the experience. Unfortunately, I think you just need to be patient. It's going around, it seems. I feel wound up and ready for anything but nothing's happening. I don't know which is better....

  2. You sound like a survivor of a disaster who can't believe how unaffected everyone they know back home seems.

    In two weeks everything will be back to norm. Then the offers start rolling in, you consolidate your grip over the London theatrical world, liquidate your enemies and make millions.

    In London theatre, first you get thee co-cang. Then you get thee money. Then you get thee women.

  3. Odd that, isn't it, I know exactly the feeling you're talking about. With me it's usually coupled with the knowledge that if I'd carried on the thing I'd been doing, I'd have got pretty sick of it.

    The feeling is about excitement and adventure,and isn't limited to that particular adventure. Find yourself another one!

  4. And yet, hurrah! You walked across the country. You met interesting people. You performed, you improvised, you survived. If only Stephen Ambrose were alive to write your story: Undaunted Actors.

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  6. Get over it pansy, you were great you did a good job and adventures would not really be so if they didn't end. I'm sure youre real big adventure is yet to start, now stop whining and go inspire the kids.


  7. i know what you mean.

    i do know that caz will think of something else before bedtime.

    see you soon movement boy


  8. Being free to roam is indeed wonderful and good for the soul Dan. Something will turn up - I know it :)

    Sorry I couldn't make the show - I had to get away unexpectadly :(

  9. Well, at least we'll have your stories. Sounds amazing.

    And yes, Brodie is doing our verbatim piece. I've been meaning invite you to participate in our panel discussion...but I'm having some issues sorting that out. But it would be great if you could come at all and let us know what you think!

    Take care. Hope your next adventure is right around the corner.

  10. Heh - I've been in the shropshire star twice (with pictures). So once more than you, but less than Freddy the guinea-pig. Because every day is slow news day in sunny shropshire. Phone them up & they will probably do a full article on you. (with your name spelt wrong throughout).


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