Monday, 8 May 2006

Down on the Farm

The walking isn't getting any easier to be truthful and since arriving in England we have faced only apathy and ignorance from the communities of Ellesmere and Whitchurch, which has put a great deal of pressure on Mark and I as we need our audiences to provide us with a bed, food and money. It is at this point I'd like to make it very clear that Ellesmere and Whitchurch has the highest proportion of three fingered inbreds I've ever seen and even a smattering of hunchbacks.

Last night was particularly bad as we were supposed to be performing in Whitchurch but due to poor promotion of the event no one turned up, the person who organised the show refused to put us up and we were left having to walk the 9 miles to our next venue (more on them later) who kindly agreed to put us up for two nights, rather than one. It only went to show Mark and I just how vunerable we are and how much we need the kindness of others to survive.

And of course, walking on busy roads with no pavements and heavy lorries passing within inches of you meant that we were putting our lives at risk, eventually, we made it but once again we'd pushed ourselves too hard.

So our lovely home with broadband connection that is housing our show is the Fordhall Community Farm and I'd like to thank them for putting us up and looking after us so well, we would have been doomed without you!

The farm is a big story in itself and actually needs your help, so if you want to save a pig or save a farm of the future that produces organic and ethical food, I'd urge you all to visit the farm's website and learn about their wonderful story and perhaps even buy some shares in the company or donate money to their cause, their kindness deserves some kindness in return.

After tonight's show Mark and will embark on what we've called 'The Wilderness Period', 3 nights and 4 days where we've no bed, no show and 47.5 miles to cover.

Keep us in your thoughts...


  1. I can almost hear the banjos playing.

  2. Your stories on the road make all the woes of my last week of site-specific hell seem incredibly petty by comparison. What you're doing is so admirable and truly connected to real life. Bravo, and I hope for good luck to follow you!

  3. Good heavens! How could they not have let you stay with them??? Even sleeping on the floor beats having to walk 9 more miles! That is rotten! The little lamb is sooooo cute. He's a black version of my dog. ;o)

  4. Just in case you were wondering, not everyone in Shropshire is a inbred idiot. Some of us are quite brilliant people!

    My Grandad was a copper in Withchurch for years back in the sixties, I dont think it's changed much since then.

  5. oh yeah almost forgot - for hunchbacks you want Oswestry.

  6. Is the guy in the picture one of those three fingered inbreds you're referring to? I hope not.

  7. You need to show more leg when the trucks drive by, maybe wiggle your ass a little. Lorry drivers like that. I speak from academic knowledge, not personal experience.

    From the sounds of it, it wouldn't have hurt in Whitchurch.

    Seriously, though, you have everyone completely jealous that you're actually doing it, instead of just sitting around waiting for someone to die and leave you money.

    For that alone, along with the bragging rights to pester your grandchildren with, I applaud you and your partner.

  8. You are stronger than you know. And growing stronger with each footsep.

    Keep it up. I'm with ya in spirit.


  9. Hang in there. Good luck. Have fun. And all that jazz. :)

  10. That's a good fucking idea you have for this trip. Once again, you are doing way more fun shit than I. I got a role in a play and am in the rehearsal phase now. It lasts all summer and has 26 shows in between which I'll still scoot out to do standup. Someday, Daniel, we are gonna have to meet and hang out. I would hazard a guess that we would have a fucking hoot.

    Until some other time...
    Stay safe.

  11. He's got a real pretty mouth on him, don't he?

  12. I'm impressed by the distance you've covered. Glad you are doing well. Be safe --


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