Tuesday, 30 May 2006

The Eagle Bar Diner is Perhaps My Favourite Place in London…

Yesterday Marie and I had a deserved 'together day' and after spending some time in bed we popped off into central London to browse at shoes and then go for food.

The eatery in question was the sublime Eagle Bar Diner, a venue we've visited on numerous occasions and as I tucked into a marvelous "Double or Nothing Burger" (two 6oz Aberdeen Angus patties with an extra helping of Mozzarella) and Skinny Fries; while Marie experimented with a Bison Burger and Skinny Fries (some Bison facts: they are even-toed, only two species are left in the world and calling them buffalo is technically incorrect...oh and they are very homosexual), we concluded that this was one of our very favourite places in London.

This was confirmed as we held hands, supped our chocolate milkshakes and people-watched the rest of the restaurant.

It doesn't take much to make things right again.


  1. It certainly doesn't Dan especially when you're a couple in love and sharing the same dreams. Glad you feel happier and had a lovely, special time together :)

  2. Bison are very homosexual? Interesting....I worked at a Ted's Montana Grill, a growing corporate restaurant chain owned by Ted Turner and which is known mainly for serving bison. Supposedly he saved the bison from extinction in North America by breeding them for food...go figure...

  3. Holding hands works for me unall mate.Glad to hear all is well again.

  4. I'm glad you're feelin' good again. The Eagle Bar diner sounds very good, even if Bison just sounds like male cow. I know that's a bull, but, whatever... are there even female bison? Possibly not, because they're homosexual.

  5. I guess one of the bad things about beig married to a "food guy" is that we don't have a favorite place. We go to a lot of different places because he needs variety. He doesn't even like to go to the same diner more than once or twice a year. Even so, I get to experience food from a lot of different chefs, and he gets great ideas to try at home! This ended up having little to do with your post, but I guess that happens on occasion. Glad to have yo back and fighting the republicans from England!

  6. So are you saying that you eat homosexuals?

    And you did a post about shoes, and didn't show what she got??? What is wrong with you? That is much more interesting than homosexual bison.

  7. Broderick: bison is not a male cow, it is a whole species of creature and so yes, they have females. It's just the men spend a lot of time homosexualising other male bison to practice their love skills.

    Saur: Marie eats homosexuals, not me and we didn't purchase shoes, if we do, then I'll post image of said shoes.


  8. Sounds like a great place. Glad to hear you had such a good time. I think I'll pass on eating the homosexual bison...


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