Friday, 26 May 2006

Fuck Poetry

I'd written a long poem for today's blog entry, it was all about the heartache I'm going through at the moment and all the pain I'm feeling.

And then I met a young man who was in real crisis: threat of homelessness, serious illness getting worse and no family to support him; you could see the panic as his whole life was threatening to collapse around him, taking him with it.

We spent 30 minutes together, as I did the best I could to help him and also lend an ear as he off-loaded some of his worries. I could see in his eyes that he trusted me and needed me to be there for him and to help avert his crisis and I knew I was going to do every in my power to make sure he was OK.

And that's what made me think, fuck poetry, fuck self-indulgence and fuck my small problems.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through troubles right now. *hugs*

  2. There are no small problems, Daniel.

    I don't trust poetry anymore, and won't until somebody steps up on the war. Always with the war.

    Introspect during a downer can be mistaken as self-indulgence. It's only indulgent if you secretly delight in it.

    You were there for someone, and that's cool. You still have your problems, though, so don't be too hard on yourself.

    Totally out of left field here, but if it helps, I think that regardless of the reaction you guys received for The Big Adventure, it was a fucking noble enterprise.

    I know that I often fall into the trap of wondering why something didn't make a bigger splash, only to find out months or years later that it did, but people are pretty apathetic about showing it.

    So you're cool. Enjoy it.

  3. I hear what you say Dan. I work with homeless people on a daily level and yes, their needs and issues are 100% more important than our self indulgence stuff. But and a big but here, we have to remember that we too have troubles of our own at times that do need attending to and drowning with self indulgence and poetry at times. It is indeed our way of coping with stuff in our world. Peace and love to you Dan :)

  4. I had no shoes and was sad, until I met a man who had no feet.

    So I took his shoes. Fuck it, he doesn't need them.

    You're a good man, Daniel, and deserve all the good things that are coming your way.

    You're also far stronger than most. Your empathy proves that.

    No matter what, you will persevere.


  5. Fuck poetry, fuck you and fuck your attention seeking blog.

  6. Attention seeking blog? WTF?

    Oh, I see. "Anonymous" is one of those "secret" attention whores who says fuck a lot because the trauma of daddy having his way is still throbbing in their ears every time they hear doves cry.

    Coward. Obviously American, and probably pro-war. Baby killer.

  7. It's good to feel the weight of the world and get a little perspective now and again. Best of luck through the heartache and the small problems.

  8. Anon: Stop showing off, abusing the anon facility by being a coward, if you must attack then do it with bravery and don't hide who you are.

    And the whole point of a personal blog (which this is silly child) is that it is wbout oneself; which is in its very nature attention seeking.

    Please read more books!

  9. Daniel:

    Looks like the "Big Adventure" had an impact on you. I'd like to learn more. As to anon., trash it man, his statements are a waste of precious bytes.

    I'm glad you were a help to the man. Good job!

  10. Thanks to all for kindness and thanks to UL!


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