Wednesday, 17 May 2006

I've Walked Across Britain!

Yesterday, Mark and I, weary and fatigued, walked into Boston on the east coast of the UK and completed The Big Adventure. Well not quite, as we had to perform the final show that evening before getting on a train back to Nottingham and the end of our wonderful journey.

I can't quite believe I've walked across the country...

The show in Nottingham went very well indeed, fellow blogger Barnze (thanks for coming mate) has some lovely thoughts on it here and we got an excellent review from the local paper here, the highlight being:

"Mark Whiteley and Daniel Hoffmann-Gill had just trudged 15 miles from Derby, part of a trek from Bangor to Boston, when they strode on to the stage for this highly-original two-hander. But, given the quality of the show, you'd never have known it - they were excellent."

After the triumphant night in Notts (and a few stolen kisses with Marie) we headed off to an even better night in Upton, where we were also followed by a BBC film crew (the footage of which can be seen here, click on latest bulletin and make sure you fast foward to 13m30s please) but it was the next day that pushed us harder than at any time in our walk.

From Upton we walked 26 miles to Sleaford, which took us 8 hours and if you ever want an out of body experience I urge you to walk that far in that amount of time; in fact I urge you all to find a town near to your home that is 26 miles away and then think about trying to walk it. And it didn't help that the day after we had a 17.5 mile walk to the afore mentioned Boston.

And now it's all over, I can tell my children (when I have them) that their dad walked across the UK relying on the kindness of strangers and performed a play every night to boot! I hope to blog each day we travelled in more detail, as much for me as a record of the journey but I hope moments of it will provide some entertainment to you all.

Thanks to Mark (I'm going to miss you), Marie, all the beautiful people we met along the way that helped us, our audiences and finally you, dear reader, for caring.

I'm off for a lay down and some beer.


  1. Well done you old ferret. Nice one!

  2. Dan - so glad to hear you completed your journey. Thanks for visiting
    Sleaford - we would have moved it nearer to Upton if we could, but then
    you'd have had to walk even further on your last day! Hope the train times
    worked. Looking forward to reading more blog.

  3. Welcome back! Put your feet up! Relax for a day or so! You've done something incredibly praise-worthy.

    I'm glad I know you.


  4. Marie mus be so proud!!! And so are we! Congrats! WIth the baby coming we're not sure when we'll get to the UK, but we plan on seeing you in whatever you're doing then!

  5. Well done the pair of you,What next the north to south walk? I reckon not,Soak you feet lads and rest a while.

  6. You you rocked, me and the bird had a great time. I don't think I've seen her laugh that hard and I'm one funny son of a bitch when I get in my stride.

    Make sure you look after those blisters!
    Well done the both of you! What's next?


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