Friday, 19 May 2006


It's all kicked off now...

Let me tell you a story: on the 6th of May during The Big Adventure we entered England after being treated very well indeed in the beautiful, sheep ridden nation that is Wales. It was with our arrival in England and more specifically Shropshire, that things went a bit wrong.

In Ellesmere (home to many hunchbacks but a lovely man called John who helped us) there was hardly any audience, mainly because no one had bothered to tell people we were coming even though the person that booked us understood our plight. Still, we pressed on to Whitchurch where things got even worse, not only did we have no audience but the person who booked the show refused to give us a floor to sleep on, hence we walked 9.5 miles in the dead of night, risking life and limb and being stopped by the police to the next venue that kindly put us up and showed us much love.

Mark and I forgot about it, erased it from our memories and got on with the show, however, we did mention what happened to us to the legendary David Smith (he of the foreskin organisation whose correct link is here and who put us up and found us an audience in less than 24 hours) and he decided to write a letter to the mayor of Whitchurch and the local paper of Shropshire; the catchely titled Shropshire Star.

And they've ran a story on it that reads as follows (with my thoughts in brackets):


Two intrepid walkers claim they had a less than warm reception when they reached Shropshire on a 200 mile adventure.

The actors set out from Bangor and are dependent on the generosity of people who come to their plays along the way for accommodation. When they reached Whitchurch, no-one turned up for the show. The pair claim (CLAIM!?! We speak only facts!) they were forced to walk along the busy road to Market Drayton in darkness - where they were stopped by the police. But the organisers of last week's event at Whitchurch Leisure Centre today said the actors had not made it clear they needed accommodation (It's written on the flyer, of which they had 2000).

Dan Hoffman-Gill (Spelt wrong!) and Mark Whiteley, based in Nottingham are filming their trek to Lincoln (We are not going to Lincoln but Lincolnshire...) so the visit to Shropshire could be screened on TV. Dan said "As it got nearer to 7.30pm we realised that not a single person was going to turn up...We either had to sleep rough or carry on to our next venue at FordHall Farm near Market Drayton. We were pulled over by the police because we were walking at night and risking our life and limb, and they gave us luminous sticks to wear. We felt deflated but we had an unbelievable welcome in Market Drayton."

The leisure centre is part of Sir John Talbots Technical College and today bursar Roy Hatton said; "We offered to fix them up with bed and breakfast but they chose to walk to Market Drayton." (That is a blatant, bare faced lie)


  1. Ah, don't worry about it, no one will read the bloody thing anyway.

    Thanks for the link, btw

  2. What a shame that all this has happened to you. But are you really surprised that the press got it wrong? It never gets it right over here! ;o)

  3. But you filmed it, right? Methinks Roy Hatton should become a famous ratter via le BBC.

  4. I'm guessing ol' Roy assumed he'd never hear from you guys again, and that's why he treated you so poorly.

    I'll further wager that he has also convinced himself that his story is exactly the way it happened.

    It's amazing what people can make themselves believe.


  5. It's awful to have your name spelled wrong in print.

  6. Bloody liars eh Dan! Hold your head up high - You managed to accomplish it! Good for you.

  7. I say you contact Mr. Roy Hatton and accept his belated offer of complimentary bed & breakfast. That'll show him.

  8. Ha! as a former resident of the delightful town of Whitchurch I could have told you that apathy rules there. The fact that someone was actually walking is exciting news in Whitchurch, but....who cares anyway. I'm surprised the police actually bothered to stop


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