Monday, 26 June 2006

The Accidental President Part II

It’s easy to forget that when George W. Bush first pitched for the Whitehouse, it was as a moderate, a compassionate conservative, full of compromise over abortion, a belief in focused and energetic government, expansion of the Department of Education and a believer in Medicare.

And that’s why he won, even if it was by the most tenuous of margins, he kept under wraps his fiercely conservative political beliefs, so well hid were they that Republican moderates like Colin Powell thought that they, rather than the neo-cons, Moral Majority and hawkish libertarians, would be guiding junior’s time in the Whitehouse.

Bush had merely reversed the tactics of many a Republican Presidential candidate, instead of pretending to be conservative to secure their votes, he repressed his fervent conservatism and wooed the middle ground with a moderate approach. Without this tactic, I doubt Bush would have made it any where near Gore…with or without the electoral fraud in Florida.

Brilliantly and to the utter indignation of the left, Bush did not linger on the small winning margin or the size of his mandate but rightly saw himself as the winner and began mercilessly pursuing his intensively conservative political agenda. This was blitzkrieg politics: the largest tax cut since the days of Reagan, education reform, business regulation rollback, dumping Kyoto, scrapping the ABM treaty and moving power back to the executive and away from the congress.

Bush was focused by a clear plan, backed up with a clear set of beliefs that he knew to be right and as the Democrats wallowed in pity politics, along came 9/11 to only sharpen his resolve as he turned into one of the most powerful Presidents of modern American history.

And Texas is to blame…


  1. We're all to blame. We're to blame for not being more adamant that all the votes be counted, and for accepting this whole electoral college thing. We're to blame for letting our friends and neighbors be apathetic abotu voting, and for not being more vocally oppositional to the policies that are slowly destroying us. We are to blame for allowing him to shift our focus to Terri Schivo and gay marriage. No one wins with this "President" except the people who were winning from the start.

  2. Bush needed the collaboration of the Dems, to get his program through. Almost every strike against the people, the Dems offered mild criticisms.

  3. Liberal Texan here. We've been suffering under Bush longer than anyone else. His backwards policies in this state are only now coming home to roost. Many of us (the moderate and liberal Texans, we unhappy few) were suckered along with everyone else. I never voted for him, but I also didn't think he'd be that bad. Boy was I wrong. But then Bush isn't really a Texan so perhaps I'm not surprised. Of course, now we have a governor that makes me wish we had Bush back.

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  6. I think America as a whole is to blame, mostly for re-electing such a boze in 2004.

    Bush isn't a conservative. Luckily real conservatives are now just as pissed off at him as liberals and moderates. He has expanded government entitlement programs more than any recent president (a big no-no for conservatives), plus he's busted the budget, started nation-building, and done all sorts of things no conservative president would ever do. I consider his political party to be "radical Christian", which is way worse than any other stripe of politician.

    I think Gore didn't completely tromp Bush because most Americans were sort of disgusted about the whole ridiculous Clinton impeachment thing, and just wanted a change from the Clinton years (I saw that whole scandal as an interesting glimpse into America's strange, repressed Puritanical roots). That's simply the impression I got from people I know who voted for Bush in 2000 (I sure didn't). I'm very, very curious to see what will happen in our midterm elections this year. I sure hope that Republicans lose control of the Congress just to restore some balance and accountability. Plus then maybe all of you guys overseas will regain a bit of respect for us crazy Americans. :-)

    It's at times like this I wish the US had a more parliamentarian system that provided for more than 2 political parties on extreme sides of the political spectrum, neither of which represent the vast majority of us sort of in the middle... providing a way to boot out an unpopular leader without having to wait four years would also be nice!

    So do you really think the US government staged 9-11?


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