Tuesday, 20 June 2006

The Accidental President

Vice-President Al Gore lost an election that he should have walked. The administration he’d been part of had just created 22 million new jobs and a balanced budget with vast economic expansion, he’d overseen welfare reform and had also tapped into America’s sizable Green vote with his environmental policies.

For reasons known only to the man himself he then moved to the right on the environment (hence the Ralph Nadar factor) and to the left on everything else; whilst trying to make himself into some populist liberal with a multiple personality disorder (I was never quite sure which Al Gore I’d see on the BBC news).

A chap who had a lot of money and the conservative movements backing but looked constantly bewildered, who seemed to have a serious learning difficulty and who was trounced by John McCain in the New Hampshire primaries beat him. He went by the name of George W. Bush and from this point on he will be known as The Accidental President…


  1. The winner of the last two U.S. elections was Diebold.


  2. Indeed but if Gore had fought it right then the machines wouldn't have come into it.

  3. For what it's worth, I voted for Nader in the last election. I know almost nothing about him, but two weeks before the election it became obvious that Bush was going to win again anyway. Kerry wasn't all that simply because he wasn't Bush, and as an American my right is to vote for whom I will. Many people like to blame those who voted for someone other than Kerry for the Bush victory, but those people are missing it entirely.

  4. I voted for Nader, too. I don't think the Democrats or the Republicans are worth anything. ANd I also think that Bush didn't actually win either of the Presidential elections. The electorial system is a sham, all our politicians are corrupt, and we need quite a bit of voting reform.

  5. The point is, it shouldn't have been so close and the reason it was is the US is actually a conservative nation.

  6. Al Gore did win the popular vote, by over 100,000 votes. Florida's governor is Bush's brother, and supposedly Bush "won" Florida by a couple of hundred votes. Recent "anti-fraud" laws caused people that were elgible voters to be turned away at polls. The recount was stopped by the US Supreme Court.

    All this leads to only one logical conclusion - nobody knows who "won" in 2000. And even if there was a re-count and Gore was found to be the winner, he would have the same title as Bush.

    And the USA is not as consertive as the republicans would like to believe. Clinton won both terms by a huge margin. It was not even close.

  7. A lot of people either stayed home or voted Republican, because of their distate of Bill Clinton's sex scandals. Al Gore was too tainted by "slick willie" (Gore does look a little oily in the unflattering pictures that exist). Clinton reminded voters of a previous Democrat philanderer president, though Kennedy got away with it during his lifetime. Then John F Kerry comes along, I think the JFK initials were supposed to help, but it backfired coming so soon after the sex president.

    It has nothing to do with "values" or "morals", just simple envy. Men in their 50s don't like to be reminded that for most of them, getting a woman in her 20s blowing them is just not going to happen outside a bordello. Women in their 50s, while they found Clinton hot, also did not like that he would chase women half his age, leaving his wife twisting in the wind. His charisma got the votes when he ran, but the revenge was taken on two subsequent candidates. They lost a lot of the swing voters, leaving things close enough that the voting machine frauds were enough to carry Bush.

    Being conservative or not really has little to do with it. There is a lot of hereditary voting, sticking with whoever your parents voted for, but it is usually whoever manages to spin things the most effectively that carries the election.

  8. Lazy Iguana: you're kinda jumping in half way, this is just the lastest in a long series of posts dedicated to why America is so different to Europe and why it is so conservative in its political outlook. I urge you to seek out the others to get a fuller picture of my arguement but to respond:

    It shouldn't have come down to such a tight margin for Gore, he should have walked it and the reason he didn't was that he went for liberal over reach and Bush preached compassionate conservatism. For details on why Clinton was in power with his lite-Republicanism see this post please.

    Bud: I agree mostly but disagree largely with the idea that being conservative has little to do with it. It has everything to do with it I'm afraid and that's what makes america's political make up so unique; you live in the most conservative, developed nation in the world and your political landscape reflects that.


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