Friday, 9 June 2006

al-Zarqawi Crashes Blogger

Wondering why Blogger’s been on a go-slow after the maintenance period was over? Seems bloggers, eager to have their fingers on the pulse, all rushed to blog about the death of al-Zarqawi and as Google bumps blog posts up in its search returns, people’s searches for facts caused overheat.

Well, “ding dong the witch is dead” or perhaps it should be “the King is dead, long live the King!”

You see, I’m not convinced that al-Zarqawi was anything other than one of many figures in a loosely formed terrorist organisation, which due to the behaviour of America and its allies can draw on support from a wide range of sources. There is also too much evidence that points to the US military exaggerating the power, reach and influence of al-Zarqawi in an effort to pursue what I call ‘The Star Wars Agenda’.

The American people it seems need a Darth Vadar to focus their wayward ire and they also need a coherent Evil Empire to battle. The idea that the enemy has no particular command structure and a series of individuals that work for the destruction of America is no doubt a difficult one to deal with, as is the idea that the opponent is rather shapeless and makes and breaks alliances with other groups at a moments notice.

Now onto more pressing matters…


That’s right, the world’s biggest sporting event starts today when Germany kick-off against Costa Rica. And for all you doubters, The World Cup is bigger than the Olympics and bigger than any American sports event. Some facts before I go and get very excited indeed:

Total audience for America’s biggest sporting event, the Superbowl: 100million
Total audience for the World Cup draw (not sport, just names in hats): 350 million
Total audience for 2002 World Cup: 30 billion

And its called football, not soccer!


  1. call it owt ya like for me..I will be in the garden during the match..Good luck to England & Australia...All together now Na na naa na na naa na na na na na na nanaaa!

  2. Count on America to fuck it up is all I have to say.

    Goddam the United States and goddam the Christian faith and the morons who follow it blindly.

    Christ said love your neighbours, not blow the shit out of them and steal their stuff. So fuck off Western civilisation with the exception of this blog, my pet frog, an old dog and an old-growth log.

    Fucking civilisation. What a wanker.

  3. President Cocksucker called it a major victory in the war on terror.

    Zarqawi was an American-funded AQ wannabe with closer ties to Mossad than Bin Laden, and considering Bin Laden is a fucking CIA agent, the dude is/was just a brown face to wave at the chickenshit American public.

    Never mind that America the Pussy is losing the war in Iraq to homemade bombs (which they call IEDs to make it sound like it takes some kind of rocket science to make them), or that the political poisoning of their image worldwide has fucked any chance of any American receiving any kind of respect outside their chickenshit borders.

    So they went and killed some brown guy. Big fucking deal, they went and killed a bunch of brown people and stole their oil and historical artifacts. It's all they know how to do. If anyone thinks the death of Zarqawi would have/has made a fiddler's fuck worth of difference in the War On Freedom, they are stupid.

    You, America. You are stupid, and I hate you with an unending passionate hatred which will only burn brighter as I age and look forward to watching you burn in hell.

    From heaven.


  4. I'm always a bit upset when they report anyones death as a good thing. Then again I suppose they wouldn't risk another farcical trial.

    There'll be another one along in a minute

  5. "The American people need a Darth Vadar to focus ..."

    Please, not 'The American People' ... hating the current adminstration with the passion of 1000 sons and suns, I endeavour to distance myself from 'my' government. I moved away. I visit only when I have to. And here you are lumping us all into one distasteful stereotype. I understand it, but it makes me cringe.

  6. I'm waiting for the backlash.

    As for football, I don't get how all those ivy leaguers who invented the American rugby version of the sport decided to give it such a misnomer.

  7. My husband is taping every single game on TiVo so that he doesn't miss a single second. As for al-Zarqawi, I don't really think his death will make that big of an impact. If anything, there will be more violence.

  8. The Col.Dr is so a heaven kinda guy...

    Ellie: sorry for generalising.

    UWL: your husband is a good man

  9. Thanks to Zarqawi, I got to see what a real beheading is like. I particularly liked his knife technique and the way blood pumps out of a gaping neck wound. Forget surfing for kiddie porn - watching a man having his head hacked off is the real deal, my friends!

    I'm going to really miss that little beardy guy...until the next one comes along, of course! :-)

  10. Oh, no need to apologise ... it is your blog! And I suppose dealing with a cringe is a whole lot easier than dealing with a beheading! The Col. Dr. heaven kinda guy is much more vociferous with his generalising!

    Congrats on the England / Paraguay outcome (assuming you were rooting for England).

  11. i like jon's comment where he says that the report of anyone's death should not be viewed as a good thing...good word jon.

    --RC of

  12. The American people have the Constitutional duty to depose tyrants.

    They have failed to depose the tyrant.

    They have become accomplices after the fact of America's crimes.

    Ergo, The American People are equitable with the crimes perpetrated by their leaders until such a time as The American People restore a democratic government in their nation.

    Hence the burning passion, because everyone knows Americans are fat lazy cowards who don't want to risk their cheesy middle-class lifestyles on being responsible in the global community.

    Therefore they are going to hell, to a man.

    Therefore I will gloat from heaven.

  13. RC: I agree with you about Jon's comment, reminds me of what the father said of the son who al-Zarqawi cut the head off.

  14. Arianna: your comment is not welcome here unless you're a bit more educated in your language.

    Take care.

  15. I have a bottle of bubbly on ice for when Thatcher finally returns to her maker, Satan. We live, we die. It's all part of the process. How you live and how little damage you do to your fellow man is the important thing.

    Meanwhile, three detainees at Gitmo hang themselves. The Amerikkkans says: "This was a PR exercise."

    How fucking dumb can you get?

  16. It was bad PR of America to call it "a PR exercise" - a comment like that isn't exactly going to win them many "hearts and minds"!


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