Sunday, 18 June 2006

Avenue Q

Tomorrow will be Marie and I's 6 year anniversary, we're kinda spreading out the celebrations over the next month or so.

I've bought Marie a holiday in Parga (and hopefully some Havaianas and a cute Japanese toy dog) and Marie treated me to some food yesterday and some tickets to Avenue Q, a musical making its debut in the West End after being a massive success in the US.

I hate musicals but I trusted Marie that this would be the best one to lose my musical virginity to and it was bloody great! Wikipedia has a great article on the show and I urge all of you, even those that wouldn't try musicals, to go and see it. It's worth it to see puppets being rude and having full-on sex...


  1. As a puppeteer, I have been interested in Avenue Q. I even have a few aquaintances who were involved with the NY production. It is a little disappointing that it didn't survive a little longer in Las Vegas. One would think it would be spot on in Vegas.
    (Of course I am a great fan of musicals, there were times I would have starved without them)

  2. It was selling at 60% in Las Vegas so it closed, which seems pretty good to me!

    It's going back to NY I think and then a US national tour.

  3. Have lots of sex!

    Yes, I do occasionally think of other things besides....

  4. Puppet sex is good..where did i put my glove puppet?

  5. My wedding anniversary is next Monday and I have no idea what to do for my husband. Hope you guys have fun celebrating.

  6. Hooray - glad that you liked it - we look after SImon Lipkin who played Nicky/.Trekkie and I cannot wait to see it on Thursday!

  7. One day Barnaby I will be good enough to be on your books!

    You seem a most excellent agent.


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