Friday, 16 June 2006

England 2 Trinidad & Tobago 0

Me and my good friend Kirky sat in a pub, deep in the heart of Essex, that was alive with lazy racism and passionate, heart-on-the-sleeve support and watched our England team bumble about like it was a bloody practice match.

Of course, this match was a no-win situation for our boys (apart from actually winning it that is) when playing such a tiny and frankly useless nation at football. Only an 8-0 victory would have satisfied a goal hungry public and as the chap next to me kept shouting: “IT’S FUCKING TRINIDAD & TOBAGO!” who treat a 0-0 draw and getting a corner like a victory. They were very poor and very dull but still, England had to break them down.

Once again the defence was brilliant, Carragher and Cole pushed forward nicely from the full-back position and looked very composed; while Terry’s heroics saved what would have been a disastrous goal. Frustratingly, Rio Ferdinand ended up trying a few long range passes because no one else would and hence he gave the ball away a few time.

Beckham was quiet but is worth his place for his dead ball delivery alone and when the excellent Lennon came on, all driving runs, pace and taking players on; he was reduced to playing right-back. Joe Cole was once again full of twists and turns and is capable of unlocking defences with a penetrating run, although he cut inside a little too often for my liking and didn’t cross into dangerous areas. Downing replaced him and like Lennon, offered energy, enthusiasm and an ability to take defenders on with pace and power; these two are a real boon. Gerrard has a better match and he and Lampard found some depth in the central midfield with mostly Lampard (who missed about 5 shots on goal) doing the attacking as Gerrard looked sound defensively, Lampard’s misses though became quite worrying as the game progressed.

But not as worrying as Owen, who was better than against Paraguay and showed some of his old ability to beat players but was mostly off the pace and Crouch, who seemingly has the Andy Cole trait of needing 5 chances to put away 1 goal.

And then Rooney came on; funnily enough he did nothing, apart from acting as a wake-up call and a massive moral boost, part of me was glad that we didn’t need him to win but clearly England are a better prospect with him playing. Even if he is the most over developed 20 year old I’ve ever seen…


  1. I got so pissed earlier that afternoon that I laid on the sofa and slept through the match. At least our victory makes it easier when we lose to Sweden. I won't be walking the dog that night...too dangerous around these parts...

  2. I think it's very unfair to say T&T were poor. They were very well organised, and had a few chances of their own.

  3. I am unfair.

    I thought they were not as 'good' as were made out, they never kept the ball and just crammed as many men behind it as possible and still England managed 20+ shots on goal.

    I am not convinced they are anything but League Two.

  4. I think the word "finesse" is what's missing in the whole mix. The grace of the game is losing to brute force.

  5. Your post reeks of superiority.

    As poor and useless as we are, your squad still couldn't dominate us.
    Keep in mind we third worlders ( as you first worlders so LOVE to call us) are people too. And like all human beings we at least deserve an iota of respect.
    It is amazing how you Caucs love animals so much but will treat and think of another human being as being less than an a dog on the street.

  6. Dear Anonymous:

    Your posts reek of redundancy, and your self-loathing at your inferiority on the field is irritating.

    It is amazing how you Tobaggans accuse us of loving you less than dogs, without mentioning the fact that a pack of eleven dogs would beat your team and deserve the respect we give them.

    I revert to my comment that finesse is lacking in your game, and might I add that your posts insist upon themselves, and I don't care for that kind of arrogance.

  7. Anon: Superiority? Yes, England are a a superior team to T&T. End of discussion on that.

    England did dominate you, otherwise we wouldn't have had 20+ shots, our finishing let us down but we dominated you.

    Don't judge me, you don't know me, I don't use the term third world and I have plenty of respect of T&T as a nation but the footy team is poor, that's not being dis-respectful, that's just being accurate.

    Your racist generalisation about 'Caucs' only exposes your ignorance. Stop being silly.

  8. Anon, please let's be careful around this time. Football has the tendency to awaken unnecessary racial tension. People will either always support their country, or the underdog. It is of little surprise to me that Daniel, who is several kilometres away from being a racist and insensitive to the plight of third-worlders, would support England.

    Not just because he is English, but they play superior football. That they are English is only a complement to their superior skills. Hell, I was rootinig for ITALY to beat the USA even though the Azzurris beat my country of Ghana 2-0.

    However, I am SO glad that my country of Ghana, ranked 48 in fifa rankings, whipped the Czechs 2-0. Luck was just not on their side. They are a good team--fast and decisive, and arguably with greater pedigree than us, but to see we thirdworlders beat them was more than satisfying! 'cos I don't care much for the Czechs as I think they are truly racist bastards on a general level, and it was good to punish them by reminding them that Africans are not to be taken for granted...

    Tell you what, I would have wanted the Czechs to beat the USA just because...well speaks for itself doesn't it?;-))

    enjoy the world cup!!!

    Daniel, I hoped you managed to see my team whip the Czechs 2-0???

  9. I was glad to see England won. I also thought for a while that the Aussies were going to manage an awesome upset. Oh well.

    USA USA USA!! I'm in Rome and I'm happy we did so well against the Italians. I think I'll go stir something up now...

  10. I was glad to see England won. I also thought for a while that the Aussies were going to manage an awesome upset. Oh well.

    USA USA USA!! I'm in Rome and I'm happy we did so well against the Italians. I think I'll go stir something up now...


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