Saturday, 3 June 2006

Hayfever, Stabbings and Bad Ass Sneakers

And at last Summer arrives in the UK and with it comes the pollen and snot streaming forth from my snout.


My nose and face are as red as a baboon's ass and about as pretty, investments need to be made into drugs to ease my facial pain.

Meanwhile, newspapers in the UK are currently awash with an unhealthily obsession with stabbings, the reason being there has been quite a few stabbings in the last few weeks and some of the victims have been "have-a-go heroes"; who have got stabbed for standing up to, or looking out for other people.

Now I'm one of those chaps that doesn't keep himself to himself, if I see an injustice, I step in; I believe we have to look out for one another but clearly this puts me in the line of fire. I doubt Marie would be too chuffed if I ended up getting stabbed because I told some lads on a bus to behave and not be so bloody rude but that's the kind of guy I am. Do we live in fear and not help others? Or do we risk our own lives to make the lives of others better? I know which side I'm on...

On a happier note, today I bought myself some awesome new trainers...

And got Marie and I a holiday for our 6 year anniversary, we are heading off, once again, to Greece and the joys of Parga.


  1. Yeah, I'll step in too. It seems to make one unpopular. Oh well, fuck 'em....I wish I'd been there when those two men beat up Matthew Sheppard or for anyone this happens to.

    I feel like there's the law and then there's my law. All American police officers can do is shoot you; they're mostly too overweight to do anything like chase you.

    And surely it is fear which prevents people from stepping in. I won't get between two drunks, but last summer I ran out of my apartment and followed this man home yelling because he was making his pit bull drag five bricks behind it on a leash. A police officer did stop and made a very slight effort to make sure things were OK, eventually telling me to leave it alone because I could get hurt. What a stupid-ass thing to say. The man admitted to the cop he was weight-training his dog to fight, which is illegal, hugely controversial and just plain sick. Who the fuck is some cop to come along and tell me to back down, to not defend what needs to be defended. Why don't people see that, when you step in to defend, you are also defending you?

  2. I was a Death Wish, Dirty Harry fan.

    Greece is great.

  3. Odd that we bothe have chosen greese for a holiday..As for trainers i go for Vans.

  4. My nose and face are as red as a baboon's ass and about as pretty

    It's a good thing you bought sneakers to match.

    I'm sure that most of the people you interact with will agree that your sneakers are awesome, but I'm old school, and to me, they're--ahem--less than attractive.

    I'm the same way with breaking up disagreements. I've thought about reprisals as well. In the US we have a lot more changes of getting shot, too. But I still do it. I don't want to be the sort of person that doesn't.


  5. Are they stabbing people because it's difficult to get a gun?

  6. I can commiserate with you, Dan... Second day in a row I've been incapacitated (basically) by the snifflies. I don't know what it is about this country, but trees here are like allergy factories. Bring on the evergreens, I say. (snifffff)

  7. I just the other day bought my first pair of new shoes in five years. Converse sneakers but not All-stars. Not as flashy as yours mind you, but very spiffy just the same.

    As for e-mailing the video, I will have to get the webmasters I'm forced to slave to to send me a file so I can e-mail it. As it stands, I haven't got one and won't be able to go talk to them for a couple days. I'll keep you posted but I'd bet you'll love this clip.

    Until later...

  8. if you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for baboon-colored shoes:-))

    really...don't ever stop being you...we've got too many cowards out there in this world...reprisals are great incentives for being audacious..except if you happen to be in.........Sicily!

  9. have a great one with Marie! I am envying you big time!!;-)

  10. I like the sneaks! They look like the ones Duane Peters used to wear back in the eighties when he was a pro skateboarder before he was front man for US Bombs and The Hunns.

    They were made by Vision. Vision Street Wear of the 80's was trendy skate gear which, to me, eptomized the low point for the Skateboarding sub culture.

    I guess he had to get paid. Skaters didn't make the money back then that they do now. Now skateboarding is like fucking little league. In the 70's we were hated and we loved it.

    Although to a certain extent we were all sellouts. I used to put on a Pepsi t-shirt and ride a half-pipe doing demos at shopping malls.

    I'm a diehard Vans guy. Of course I didn't wear them back when I skated because they were popular. Popular shit usually sucks.

    What was I talking about?


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