Tuesday, 6 June 2006

A Senseless Political Bone for the Right Wing

There I am, writing about why America is so conservative and the development of the political right over the last few decades and we get Bush giving us a perfect example of ‘The Right Nation’ and juggling such an ungainly but powerful coalition of the willing.

For those of you that don’t know, it’s mid-term election time and so in an effort to keep the Moral Majority on board (remember, these chaps are unlikely bed fellows with the neocons and the libertarians that makes up the conservative movement), Bush has backed this frankly ridiculous and deeply offensive anti-gay marriage amendment.

Have people forgotten there’s a war on? A war that’s getting progressively worse and if it turns out to be true, that ordinary Marines (some on a third tour of Iraq) pushed to a murderous rage by the hideous death of a colleague, massacred 24 men, women and children at Haditha. Are American people that stupid that a debate on whether same sex marriages are destroying American social fabric (I’d say the war in Iraq is doing a pretty fine job) will distract them from the terrible events that are happening in their name?

I hope not. Gay marriage doesn’t harm anybody, no matter what George W. Bush and the Moral Majority say, there are far more troubling issues in the United States that are deserving of discussion in the Senate.

And this is the kind of thing that gives politics a bad name, first off its utterly polarising and partisan, a wedge issue to divide and conquer; making political debate look all frothy mouthed and hysterical (on both sides may I add); it's also a transparent smokescreen for events in Iraq and an ugly shaped bone tossed to the Christian Right to make sure they vote the right way. Why is it wrong for people of the same sex to marry if they love one another? The sanctity of marriage is not being destroyed by gays and lesbians but by people (of any sexuality) who rush into the ultimate act of commitment without fully considering the responsibility involved in dedicating your life to one person and loving them forever.

And guess when the last time this issue was bought up (I hate how legislation that effects people’s personal lives and means of showing love for one another is used as a political device)? During the 2004 election, where it was on the ballot in 13 states.


You know, American people are actually a tolerant lot, polls show only a small majority of Americans still oppose gay marriage with only 42 percent in favour of the amendment; with the percentage getting lower as the age bracket of those polled drops.

Let’s just hope America doesn’t embarrass itself again…


  1. Hope if you want, but it's gonna happen. The embarassment, that is.

    And of course there's no reason for gay marriage not to be legal. Gays should have the right to fuck their lives up too.

    I guess I'm not big on marriage, period.

  2. America will embarrass itself again. My husband swears the next president will be a democrat, but I have a feeling the republicans will win, though I don't necessarily believe they'll be elected. If we have another GOP presidents, we'll have to visit Canada for a while.

    Yes, people have forgotten there's a war on. When people don't see mass casualties of their own kind, they tend to forget that one or two of our guys are dying daily.

  3. BTW, Lord Bush made the gay marraige ammendment announcement on the 25th anniversary of the first known case of AIDS. What a slap in the face to the community. He's such an asshole.

  4. What's worse is, the brain dead American public is waiting, obediently, by their televisions for orders from Herr Kommander, Bibles firmly in hand.

    I say we find a new word to describe them, and take back "stupid" for use in some kind of moderation.

    Some fucking democracy.

  5. The evil power behind the throne, Dick Cheney, disagrees with his president on this issue. He feels more free to have his own opionion these days. He remembers what George has forgotten, that you don't need to appeal to your support base anymore. But George likes his supporters to feel like their votes do matter.

    Even though no democrat is going to be elected president, at least not in any Diebold counted districts.

    Just like in Venezuela, where a) "the exit polls were wrong. The supporters of the winner must have declined to be exit polled", and b) the machines are programmed by companies connected to the government.

  6. It is such naked pandering, even conservative bloggers (LeShawn Barber)recognize it.

  7. Just when you think this adminstration goten as low as it can go...

    They find the stairs to the sub-basement.


  8. Col. Dr.,
    Unfortunately, I agree. The American public does seem more driven by religion than anythign these days, even at the detriment of morals and ethics. We know we are a society based on freedom, but all we've done since we became a nation is try to limit that freedom for those we disagree with or those who are different from us. It has a lot ot do with religion, which is interesting because people came here to flee religious persecution. I'd love to flee this religious percecution, but where are we to go?

  9. Isn't that how this country was populated, by those who wanted to escape religious persecution?

    And, I guess if you look at history, we're at a much more forward-thinking state than ever on gay issues. It's doubtful anyone could come out of the closet in 1620, for example.

    There are so many hypocrasies, and the gay marriage issue is a bad one because the people who publicly argue against it are showing their own internalized homophobia and fear of their own sexuality. That's how I see it anyway. Anyone know who Fred Phelps is? He's a good example of this.

  10. This is political equivalent of ambulance chasing.


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