Friday, 7 July 2006

Avoid London. Area Closed. Turn On Radio

One year ago today London was subjected to a terrorist attack.

7th July 2005.

Going back and reading my blog entry for that day and from the days following the attack (don’t forget the reprise on the 21st July) made me feel weird, sad, empty, pointless. A blog captures all the moments you experience, whether good or bad and going over them again feels like the digging up of a corpse.

Somethings change, some things stay the same. I still have no doubt that al-Qaeda had no involvement whatsoever in the attacks, the video conveniently released today only confirms my suspicions. Also there is no evidence of their involvement and plenty of evidence that points to an independent act of aggression; of young men being manipulated beyond their means.

Unashamedly, I’m still of the opinion that this was an attack orchestrated by our government against its own people (like 9/11) in order to solidify an alliance of the war on a noun. The facts stand as follows:

This is what I think, the four young men involved thought they were taking part in a terrorist attack simulation for MI5, after all they had made none of the typical preparations of a suicide bomber because they thought they were coming back home. Nevermind the fact that character profiles of all the bombers has failed to turn up any of the usual evidence related to individuals who carry out these kind of attacks. And if you think that’s ridiculous, imagine that a few lives lost is nothing in comparison with strengthening the resolve of the people against a common foe.

Here are those whose lives were lost in the atrocity, my thoughts today are with their families.



  1. Why?

    On a seperate note, I can't comment on your blog. Is this intentional?

  2. One can't help but notice that "seven seven" just doesn't have the same sort of ear tickling delight that "nine eleven" does. Even "july seventh two thousand five" just doesn't compare to the manliness of "september eleventh two thousand one". I say, if you're gonna get attacked by morons with nothing better to do, do it on a day that at least carries a pleasing sound to the ear when being repeated.

    Then same can be said, I guess, for the difference between "hurricane katrina" which comes across elegant, and "hurricane charles" which, you brits ought to agree, doesn't carry one iota of elegance with it at all.

    He did stuff Diana at least twice though, so that has to count for something.

    Have a hoot and never lose your sense of humor.

    Until later...

  3. Jeff: 11/9...note correct formatting of're right, gotta keep some sense of humour...

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  5. I'm going to have to think about this post.

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  7. Homegrown terrorism is very misunderstood in the west, especially America. The American people still don't understand the implications of Columbine and the Oklahoma City bombing.

    They see one as a nut job loner and the other as two disaffected kids gone bad. They marginalized the underlying rage that led to both.

    Michael Moore explores this is Bowling for Columbine, by far his best film.

    Not to dump on your parade what do you think of recent report claiming that two of the 7/7 bombers attended training camps allegedly funded by "al qaeda?" (I use quotes because I don't believe al qaeda extends past bin laden and his immediate circle.)

  8. add to the last post...
    GO ITALY! My S.O. is in Rome today. I wish I was there. It might get crazy(fun).

  9. It is common knowledge that some fo them spent some time in Pakistan but it is believed it was either a harmless visit or part of their work for MI5 and special forces.

  10. "Training camp funded by Al Qaeda."

    The open explanation that nobody denies, and everyone has heard about a billion times:

    "Training camp funded by Al Qaeda" equals "American-funded training facility."

    Al Qaeda is a marionette on a string of red, white, and blue, pulled from Washington, D.C.

  11. The strategy of attacking during a drill, as seen in 9-11, worked as well in 7/7. So there has to be enough inside information to know when the drill is, and who is involved. I think it still remains to be proven that the government caused or orchestrated it. There are double agents, and there is always a lot of misdirection and confusion going on in situations like this.

    It is equally likely that "the government did it" is a disinformation campaign. For those who support the official story, "the government did it" will not be believed. For the people behind this (assuming they are not the government), and their sympathizers, hearing "the government did it" helps deny them the benefit of their actions. When we hear zawahiri taking credit for 7/7, his influence is reduced when we also hear "actually the government did it".

    There is a lot of speculation as to the meaning, if any, of the dates involved. If there is some single evil organization behind it all, they use the numerical (or numerological) significance of the dates as part of the message. For example, the Oklamoma City bomber was put to death on 6/11, three months before 9/11 (U.S. date format is used because these events occurred in the U.S. so I am being "culturally sensitive" by using that format). Of course in the U.S. they are not so culturally sensitive, so Madrid becomes 3/11 for the U.S. audience.

  12. WOW! This is definitely something to think about, Daniel. I didn't even know there were thoughts that these attacks were really by our own governemts.


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